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    Magic is everywhere, isn’t it?

    This collection is our answer to winter days. Let it be a gentle and childish fairytale. Let everyone find something for themselves, be it pastel swans flying in the creamy sky or a colorful retro carousel like on a Parisian square.

    Or maybe something more for boys: let’s look through the Galileo telescope at the planets or look into the future, into the world full of rockets and satellites. One thing is certain, we’re going straight to the stars! Only with our heads in the clouds we can do something wonderful. And this collection is to help all the little ones in this!

    The MAGIC IS EVERYWHERE collection was created by our two super talented illustrators: Kasia GS and Kasia Bachor. Two sizes of a delicate rainbow in the clouds is something that will brighten up any room.
    And the horse? It’s probably our star in this collection. We have dreamt of such a cute horsie for a very, veeeery long time and there it is! We finally have him!
    It’s a huuuuge super sticker! Colorful and retro, shares its character with the room. With such a decoration, you no longer need to decorate the walls with additional pictures, posters, or shelves. Maybe a few stars, maybe a few clouds, maybe a garland… The room will instantly become magical.


    template size M:

    • carousel with clouds: 93 cm x 141 cm
    • additional cloud: 30 cm x 15 cm

    template size L:
    • carousel with clouds: 110 cm x 166 cm
    • additional cloud: 34 cm x 17 cm

    Each template also has 5 additional star stickers for decoration.

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    Confetti is a “sticker” combination of our favourite colours. This is an incredibly simple trick to bring fun and joy to the child’s room.

    The story behind the Confetti set is amusing!
    When we created the six sets of colours we couldn’t decide wich ones to include in Dekornik’s offer. So we asked our customers on Facebook to decide for us. And in this democrating voting, all of the six sets were equally voted on!


    • template dimension: 30 cm each
    • number of elements of all templates together: 72 pieces (18 per template)
    • height of 1 dot:  5 cm
    The colours of the dots: red, mustard, turquoise (blue with a touch of green) and light gray.

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