How to create a boho interior - floral wallpaper and more

How to create a boho interior - floral wallpaper and more

The boho, or bohemian, style is known for its eclecticism and lack of strict rules. It is characterised by artistic freedom and the mixing of different styles, cultures and eras.
Today we will show you 5 ways to decorate your home in this style. We will add that it is ideal for people who work from home, home office or nature lovers.

Boho interior design is all about living plants

Plants are an integral part of the boho style. Not only do they add greenery to interiors, but they also have a positive effect on our mood. Start by introducing plants such as ferns, monstera or ficus.

The presence of plants in the home not only improves air quality, but also promotes a boho vibe. Although they are not a mandatory element.
If you don't want live plants, you can always introduce floral stickers, or wallpaper in leaves.

Dekornik Wallpaper Leaves pictured beautiful Pati Soltysik wife and mother of journalist Andrzej Soltysik

Dekornik Wallpaper Leaves pictured beautiful Pati Soltysik wife and mother of journalist Andrzej Soltysik

Boho as well as floral style Dekornik Wallpaper Leaf wallpaper not only looks beautiful, but is also made from environmentally friendly materials, further emphasising the eco-friendly nature of the boho style.

Wallpaper with floral motifs, flowers, animals, leaves and many more

Boho style is all about confusion. It's about freedom and a longing for nature; it's about a woman dressed in a summer dress made of linen dancing in a meadow full of flowers. Of course, she is wearing a hand-woven garland on her head. At least that's how we see it.

This is why boho style decorations should allude to this freedom and love of nature. Our suggestions will not depart from this idea.

Wallpaper Dekornik Australian Summer

Boho Australian Summer wallpaper - this photo is probably the quintessential boho arrangement: colourful carpet, natural materials, colourful floral wallpaper


This is the Perfect wallpaper for boho interior styling, just take a look at these arrangements.

Wallpaper Retro Bouquet

Retro Bouquet Wallpaper in boho style,  beautiful flowers - pictured is model Anita Rojczyk with her beautiful daughter <3

Boho style room with my beloved Bird Bush wallpaper

Second boho floral wallpaper: Birds Bush - she's got it going on.

Birds Bush Wallpaper

Wallpaper from the new boho collection

The new wallpaper collection features many boho designs, and even their name suggests that they will be a wonderful decoration for a room decorated in this ever-fashionable style.

Boho Meadow Blue and Check Wallpape
Boho Style Wallpaper - Boho Meadow Blue and Check Wallpaper from left, right: Boho Meadow And Stripes Wallpaper

Boho style - everything nature-friendly

If we want to have a boho-style interior, natural materials must not be missing. Natural materials such as wood, rattan, cotton, linen and wool are often used. Handmade items, braids, macramé and patchwork are popular. In addition, look out for eco-friendly details, such as items made from recycled polyester.

Boho Style needs accessories and decoration

Large range of cushions, bedspreads, rugs, curtains. Decorations from different cultures and places, such as figurines, travel souvenirs, artistic sculptures and paintings. Plants are often present to emphasise the natural character of the interior.

Wallpaper Australian Summer Dekornik - Boho wallpaper

Australian Summer Wallpaper Dekornik - beautiful boho style wallpaper for baby's room and beyond, pictured is a tent from the friendly shop Moi Mili.

Boho style room - colourful cushions, wicker furniture and on the wall our Return to Innocence sticker arranged in a beautiful wreath

Children's room in boho style

Boho style is also ideal for the children's room. Go for bright, neutral colours and natural materials such as wooden furniture and cotton textiles. Add colourful, handmade accessories such as macramé ornaments, small jute rugs, and lots of soft cushions.

Potted plants in safe places will bring nature and freshness into the room. You can also use wallpaper with floral or animal motifs to create a welcoming, inspiring environment for your child.


Bringing boho style into the home is easier than you might think. Thanks to wallpapers from Dekornik, we can create an interior that is artistic, conducive to the development of a child, but created in harmony with nature.

The most important elements you need to bring into your home to feel the boho vibe are colourful cushions, colourful floral wallpaper as well as natural materials and lots of travel mementos. Be sure to also check out our new BOHO-style wallpapers - in the main picture wallpaper