Wallpaper or wall stickers?

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Wallpaper or wall stickers? When to choose one and when to choose the other?Wallpaper or wall stickers - which decoration will be a better choice for your child's room.

Thanks to us you will learn all their advantages and disadvantages. Maybe a better understanding of both materials and the associated finishing work will allow you to make a better decision.

Vintage Rose Pattern Dekornik Wallpaper for child's room

Photo: DEKO.TAP.149 - Wallpaper Dekornik, Vintage Rose Pattern

Wallpaper for a child's room we answer, when is it worth choosing it?

Wallpaper for a child's room is ideal if you want a long-lasting effect and an elegant look for the walls.

Wallpaper can make your child's room turn into a real land of imagination. However, it requires work, before laying such a decoration, you need to prepare properly: level and also paint the walls, and then wait.  Wallpaper, when removed from the walls, leaves traces.

Dekornik Wallpaper Provance Check Pink

Photo: Provence check beige pink medium Wallpaper

You have to reckon with the fact that the wall under the wallpaper will need to be smoothed again. There are costs associated with all this, as well as our time. It is for this reason that not everyone wants or can afford the luxury of decorating the walls with wallpaper.

Dekornik Wallpaper Simple dots minimini cinnamon powder pink

Photo: Dekornik Wallpaper Simple dots minimini cinnamon powder pink

Wallpapers are perfect for covering entire walls or large spaces. Thanks to them, you can create a consistent and harmonious look for the interior. In addition, some wallpaper designs will help stimulate the child's imagination.

Wall stickers - When are they a better choice?

Advantage of Wall stickers No. 1 - Easy for application and removal

Wall stickers are simpler to apply and remove compared to wallpaper. They are great for people who frequently change interior design or rent an apartment and can't make permanent changes.

Wall sticker apply for Boys room - Dekornik Galileo Sky / Magic is everywhere

Photo: Wall sticker apply for Boys room - Dekornik Galileo Sky / Magic is everywhere

Wall stickers are creative accents:

Stickers are great for adding creative and personalized accents. You can easily add children's themes in a toddler's room, inspirational quotes in the office or artistic designs in the living room.

Mr. Fox Good Night Wallsticker

Photo: Mr. Fox Good Night Wallsticker

Wall sticker costs

Stickers are usually a cheaper option than wallpaper, making them an ideal choice for those on a tight budget. They also do not require surface preparation, painting, etc. With wall stickers we can perfectly cover up picture holes or stains on the wall :) it's a quick solution, but not a temporary one. Especially if we choose Dekornik stickers. The material is extremely strong, and the adhesive holds on the wall.

Differences between wallpaper and stickers

Wallpaper is better suited for covering entire walls. While stickers are ideal for adding decorative accents.

Dekornik beautiful heart stickers

Photo: Dekornik beautiful heart stickers 

Wall stickers are usually cheaper than wallpaper, both in purchase and application. By comparison, stickers about 20 EURO - wallpaper costs 102  EURO per brit.

Wall stickers are easier to apply and remove, making them a better choice for people who frequently change decorations.

Who is wallpaper for, and who is wall sticker for?

Wallpaper is a good choice for a family with children. Wallpaper for a child's room is an eco-friendly choice, especially if you choose Dekornik paper wallpaper on an interlining backing. It is a breathable decoration. Usually wallpaper is more durable than stickers.

Dekornik Wallsticker Swans Magic

Photo: Swans / Magic is everywhere

A standard sticker on the wall after some time starts to look ugly and comes off the wall. It loses its colors. It evaporates... This does not apply to Dekornik stickers - manufactured on strong material from Belgium.

Sticker is an ideal choice for people who rent apartments

Such decoration is an ideal temporary solution. It allows for a quick change. Besides, the sticker can be easily removed without damaging the walls.

For those who like frequent changes of interior decoration - Sticker is a better choice. Stickers are great for those who like to change interior decoration often, without a lot of money and work.

Savanna Wonderland Set Wall Stickers ideal for decorating a small space

Photo: Savanna Wonderland Set Wall Stickers ideal for decorating a small space

For those who value durability and elegance: Wallpaper is a great choice when you want an elegant look for years to come.

Find out how to safely remove stickers from walls?

Use a hair dryer

Heat the sticker with a hair dryer for a few seconds to soften the adhesive. Gently pry up the edge of the sticker with a plastic card and slowly peel it off.

Use soapy water

If the sticker is difficult to remove, spray it with soapy water and wait a few minutes until the glue begins to dissolve. Then gently scrap off the sticker with a plastic card.

Use special agents

There are special adhesive removers on the market that can be used to safely remove stickers. Importantly, without damaging the wall surface.

Avoid sharp tools

Avoid using sharp tools that can damage the wall surface. Use only plastic scrapers or cards to remove stickers from walls - This is much safer.

What to keep in mind

The choice between wallpaper and stickers depends on your needs, preferences and lifestyle. Both wallpaper and stickers have their unique advantages and can bring a unique charm and atmosphere to a child's room. At Dekornik you will find a wide selection of both wallpapers and stickers to help you create the perfect interior for your child.