New wall decoration - wallpaper and stucco in one!

New wall decoration - wallpaper and stucco in one!

Panelling and stuccowork halfway up the wall rule in children's rooms. And this does not surprise us, because it is a decorative element that is not only aesthetically pleasing (lovely), but also practical. It adds harmony and style to the interior.... If you don't believe it, look at these arrangements.

In the meantime, if you want to know how to choose the right wallpaper for your interior design, or what colours reign in interiors. It is here that you will find all the answers to your questions about the panelling, stucco.

How it used to be and how it is today - interior styling with panelling

We noticed this trend about three years ago. It was then that horizontally divided walls started to appear in Polish and foreign rooms. Most often in boys' rooms and in strong colours. Back then, the upper part of the wall was white (with pictures, a map) and the lower part was painted in a dark strong green or blue.

Simple Irregular Dots Beige Wallpaper Dekornik

Today, this trend has taken a slightly different form, as the panelling is mainly juxtaposed... with wallpaper. The top of the wall is no longer uniform, but has a dominant character.
And this is a "shot in 10!" solution.

Let's go back to our roots for a moment - panelling as a relic of communist Poland?

Wainscoting can also be called paneling. A true relic of the People's Republic of Poland, in those days it was a 'decoration' in almost every Polish home. 

Only back then it was made of wood, or more precisely wooden panels. It was about 3 cm thick and 10 cm wide. From those days, you may also remember other uses of the panelling e.g.: in schools.

Leaves Minimini Wallpaper / Return to Innocence Dekornik Wallpaper

Back then, the lower part of the wall was covered with acrylic glossy paint. It may not have been the most stylish finish, but it was practical. It protected the bottom of the wall from dirt.

Ways to get a lamppost

Much better known is the product of interior stucco, which is also a lampery. It is a wall decoration, made of marble, stone or wood. It could be found in salons or palaces! Very expensive, but beautiful! As you can guess, such decoration was and is very expensive, so clever people found cheaper substitutes. Today, panelling can be made of paint, wallpaper, pvc panels or even OSB or polystyrene stucco.

Birds Beige Wallpaper Dekornik

Sometimes, a furring is simply a wall painted in two colours: a darker colour on the bottom and a lighter colour on top. A wall moulding is added for decoration, which further emphasises the border and adds to the beauty of the room. Provided, of course, that it is well laid and colour-matched to the space.

The obvious pluses of panelling - a new wall decoration

Firstly: if you paint the bottom of the wall in a dark colour, all the dirt will be much less visible.

Secondly: if you use a washable paint, you can easily get rid of any "souvenirs" left by the children.

Thirdly: a panelled room is a fantastic way of giving the room a dominant colour, preferably the child's favourite. Then you can combine furniture, bedding and curtains in any colour you like. Ideal for older children who like to put their own stamp on things.


Fourthly: You save money and time. If you do your own panelled room... you pay less for wallpaper, because you only decorate the top of the wall. So you need twice as much wallpaper.

The best panelled room colours

Here, of course, it is best to advise separate paint colours for girls' rooms and for boys' rooms.
In our experience.

Tuscan Daisies Blue Wallpaper

For girls - pink is the best colour to panelling

In girls' rooms it is... pink!

Recently, however, a combination of pink on the panelling and purple on the wallpaper has become more popular. Beige on the paneled room works well. Especially when combined with wallpaper with a forest or floral motif.

Maja Bohosiewicz Lilac Wallpaper for lampery

Description below the photo: Check out our decoration suggestion: Wallpaper with fairies and finished panelling.

Grey colour the best choice for boys room 

Boys' rooms are mostly grey and navy blue. The light shade of grey is a great base for both light and dark wallpapers. It goes perfectly with navy blue and blue, used in the print at the top of the wall.


Animals White Dekornik Wallpaper

The navy blue goes perfectly with a white wall or light wallpaper, e.g. ships, aeroplanes.


Styling children's interiors, that is - How to choose the colour of a panelling?

We know best when it comes to styling children's interiors. That's why we can confirm to you that a panelling in a child's room looks stylish! There is just one small but... You have to get the colours right, which is not at all obvious.

How to choose the right colours for a panelling - rule no. 1: contrasts are welcome

The first rule is that the lamellas must not darken the room. Darker colours optically make the space feel smaller. That's why it's better to opt for contrasting combinations! This means that if you're planning a wallpaper with a night sky, go for a light-coloured panelling. Light on the bottom, dark on the top, harmony maintained.

Planes / Magic is everywhere Success

If you have morning clouds in mind, the panelling should be darker than the wallpaper. If you match these two elements in the suggested way. We guarantee that you won't go astray in decorating your little one's room.

How to choose the right colour for a panelling - rule #2 - Look for the non-obvious!

Second rule - choose a colour from the wallpaper that is in the minority. For example. For the Rainbows Flower wallpaper, a green or yellow panelling is a great match. Not an obvious choice, as these are the colours of the leaves, and the centre of one of the flowers.

However, they will make the room look elegant.

Clouds Wallpaper

Another example: if you choose planes in the sky for a boy's room. Then don't go for the colour of the sky, but one of the colours on the planes. Then you certainly won't overdo the intensity of the colour in the room.

The easiest way to choose wall colours for a panelling is...?

Wallpaper with ready-made lamella, our product of the year 2024
Here the matter is already clear, because we have made your colour and pattern choices for you....

Horses and check brown wallpaper with panelling

A product like wallpaper with a finished panelling is a hit! We can see by your reactions. Hardly surprising, as it eliminates most of the expense and saves you time. Why? It's a simple solution for the 21st century.

Rustic Garden wallpaper with panelling

It doesn't require the purchase of extra paint, tape measures, spirit levels or the advice of architects. It's a ready-made solution that eliminates most of the problems of choosing colours, textures of stucco.

Wallpaper with panelling fairies

We like the effect very much, see for yourself the arrangements below!