5 rules on how to decorate in Montessori style

5 rules on how to decorate in Montessori style

Learn five principles that will help you decorate your child's room in Montessori style, the way to ensure your little one develops independently and creatively. In this article, we share tips for furnishing a room and also show pictures of rooms with Montessori elements.

The Montessori method - what is it?

The Montessori Method is not Nurture, it is a CHANGE in approach to the child that focuses on creating an environment that will support his natural development. It will allow him to discover himself and his talents, so the child grows into a confident, wise, adult - sounds promising? Here's where the 'training' begins.

Montessori style - wallstickers of Dekornik

Dekornik Illustration Vintage wallpaper and the young explorer in the picture :)

Principles of space arrangement in the Montessori method

Montessori is about giving the child the opportunity to act independently, to explore and to learn through their own experience.

If you are an proponent of the Montessori method, then you need to adapt the environment to allow the child to be independent. Here, an important issue is the choice of furniture, decoration, e.g. when decorating the child's room, the height of the furniture should be taken into account - suitable furniture is that adapted to the child's height....

Don't be intimidated, as there is not much to it! To make it easier, we have divided these rules into 5 categories. They will give you an easy way to learn the rules for arranging a space for a Montessori child.

Montessori style - wallstickers of Dekornik

The picture shows a room furnished in Montessori style: 1.- Order maintained with IKEA TROFAST filing furniture. 2.- Fun through learning - a small kitchen for the child to imitate adult life. 3 Appropriate wall decorations to encourage exploration - Decorator Bunnies Stickers are easy to assemble, even for children under 3 years old.

1 Montessori rules - Get down on the floor....

We'll make a joke about lowering the level, but not the culture only.... our furniture. In practice, this means that we adapt the furniture to the child's height so that he or she can use it independently.

So our young warrior learns from a young age to put his toys back where they belong, because he has easy access to them. Of course, a child learns best by imitating his parents, so at the beginning we have to make a little effort and set an example.... But with the right height of furniture, the toddler will have an easier time learning and will be less likely to shout: MOM help me! 

Montessori style - wallstickers of Dekornik

The 5 principles of How to decorate a child's room in Montessori style - pictured is an IKEA room with our Dinosaurs wallpaper:

Just to make the child independent, we have to plan his environment too early. In such a way that it is safe. Let's remember to plan furniture and gadgets sensibly, for example: don't put dangerous items like knives, scissors, glass products in the child's room.

It is better to make available at the beginning the things that he needs for self-care, such as: bamboo plates, wooden toys, books, clothes....

2 Montessori rules

In Montessori methodology, natural materials are preferred for their aesthetics and functionality. Wood, linen, cotton or even wool create a harmonious environment conducive to the child's development. The use of natural materials also has another significance. Such things made of wood, stone sand or paper - connect the child to the natural environment and teach him or her respect for nature.

Mstr Bear Wallstickers Dekornik

Respect for nature - natural materials, in the picture our Mr. Bear Bedtime Sticker, the arrows point to the elements to look out for: a mirror for the child, a mini rattan chair, a shelf for wooden toys. Apart from that, independence is great, but the safety of the child comes first. Every parent knows that children up to the age of 3 have a tendency to taste everything in sight and inquisitive hands. This is why Montessori suggests toddlers: natural materials.

Below is a photo of examples of natural materials, and marked with an arrow our beautiful bunny stickers - Buy them HERE.

Montessori style - wallstickers of Dekornik

3 Montessori rules - Minimalism is the basis

Montessori is all about simple design, i.e. minimalist furniture, but which is also functional and versatile. With these you save space in the room and create a space that promotes the child's independence and freedom of movement. For example: instead of a cot, you can place the mattress on a low frame or directly on the floor. This will allow the child to get in and out of bed freely!

Montessori style - wallstickers of Dekornik

Montessori room - Wallpaper Animals White DEKO.TAP.057 - will grow with your child - in the picture two types of beds which are suitable for a Montessori style room

Below is a picture of a Montessori style room, with the bed on the floor and the hangers placed at the height of the child's hands. So that the youngster can hang up his toys and clothes from a young age.

Wallpaper with Dots - Dekornik

A Montessori style room - beds and mattresses for the floor, hangers mounted at child height and our dotted wallpaper in the picture: LINK - Wallpaper Simple Irregular Dots Powder Pink White.

4 The Montessori rules- everything has its place, i.e. order must be there!

A child's room should provide space for the child to move freely and explore the nooks and crannies of the room! Such an open space encourages activity.

Here we would interject that along with gross motor skills, the child's speech also develops. Therefore, the wise parent gives the toddler space to discover the secrets of the room. Are you probably curious how to get extra space in a small room?

Montessori style - wallstickers of Dekornik

The answer is simple - bury the toys, but in such a way that your child can access them. A great solution is to buy IKEA TROFAST or KALAX furniture - both teach segregation. You could say they're natural sorters, especially if you sign the boxes, or add stickers showing the things your child can find inside.

Montessori style - wallstickers of Dekornik

Pictured here is our aeroplane wallpaper - perfect for a boy's room. Besides, it fits in with the minimalism that Montessori implies. By using a cupboard from IKEA KALAX in the room, the youngster has easy access to his things.

5 Montessori rules- Education through play

Another Montessori principle is that any toys we choose for a Child should be: Carefully selected, stimulating the senses and encouraging learning through play. Montessori toys often focus on developing specific skills such as motor skills ( coloured blocks, sorters, stacking towers, wooden puzzles, and also assume the development of sensory perception: i.e. stimulating the senses:

sight - through playing with colours, finger paints are best for this!
touch - through the use of different material textures, tactile toys, for older children plasticine, modelling clay, play dough, dolls' house games

Doll's house Dekornik - safe toys

hearing - nature walks are best, as well as listening to music in the background, and preferably creating sensory bottles.
taste - it is better for the child to explore flavours in a safe environment - in the kitchen
balance - sensory mats, ball pools, slides, swings, for balancing the body a balance board, a running bike rocker etc.

Montessori style - wallstickers of Dekornik

Stickers with planets and a telescope encourage exploration of the world - this is a set from the play and learn series, pictured is a wooden bookshelf placed on the floor so the child can access it, and a Flex table from Nuki.

Dekornik wallpaper in Montessori style

Finally, the most enjoyable part is decorating the room. This is something that gives it character and charm! Dekornik offers a wide range of wallpapers, stickers and posters that are perfect for Montessori style.

You can choose wallpaper with delicate patterns that will stimulate your child's imagination and bring a pleasant atmosphere to the room.

Wallpaper with Stripes -Montessori style - wallpaper Dekornik

Here we must emphasise that Dekornik wallpapers fit perfectly into the philosophy of the Montessori method, offering not only aesthetic but also educational decorative elements. Many wallpaper designs from Dekornik have been created with children in mind, inspired by nature, animals or numbers.

Which wallpapers are suitable for a Montessori room?

Nature motifs: Wallpapers with motifs of plants, animals or landscapes encourage the discovery of the natural world and the development of the child's interests.

Montessori style - wallpaper Dekornik

Wonderful wallpaper with insects such as; Botanical Stories is a great option for a room decorated in MONTESORI style.

Montessori style - wallpaper Dekornik

Educational Dekornik wallpapers in letters in three colours to choose from: blue, pink and beige

Educational Designs: Wallpapers with letters: link here, numbers or shapes can not only be decorative, but also a tool for learning and developing cognitive skills.

Wall decorations, Dekornik wallpapers, can be not only decorative, but also inspiring and educational elements in the child's space, supporting the child's development and independence according to the principles of the Montessori method.

What should you bear in mind?

You already know that decorating a room in Montessori style can not only be fun, but also fashionable! Opt for simplicity, functionality and natural materials and your child will enjoy a space that promotes their development. By adding wallpaper from Dekornik, you will create a truly unique place that will delight not only your children but also all your guests!