5 Foolproofs for Measuring a Wall

5 Foolproofs for Measuring a Wall

If you want to know how to measure a wall for Dekornik Wallpaper this article is for you, at first this task may seem daunting, but with the right knowledge and tools, anyone can learn how to install wallpaper themselves in a child’s room and not just there!

In this interview, we will present a complete guide to help you wallpaper a room yourself, from wall preparation to wallpaper selection and installation. We look forward to reading it!

I have already chosen a Dekornik wallpaper pattern for a child’s room, but I still don’t know how many square metres of wallpaper I should order?

Before you buy wallpaper, you need to measure the wall – check its width and height.

OK, the wall has already been measured. Let’s assume that its dimensions are: 330 cm in width and 270 cm in height, how should I convert this into wallpaper strips?

In this case we will need 4 metres of wallpaper (in width). Dekornik wallpapers are available in 50 cm or 100 cm wide strips. Their height is always 280 cm. You will find the exact width of your chosen wallpaper in the product description.

How to measure wall to wallpaper

In Dekornik wallpapers are sold in strips, how many of these strips will I need for my project?

If you choose wallpaper with 50 cm wide strips, you will need 7 strips (7 × 50 cm = 350 cm). For wallpaper with 100 cm wide strips, you will only need 4 strips (4 × 100 cm = 400 cm).

According to your calculations it comes out that I have as much as 70 cm to spare, do you have any advice for this?

Firstly, we always recommend ordering a little more wallpaper than we have calculated, about 10-20 cm. This makes installation much easier. If you have 70 cm left over, as in this case, you can cut the last strip in half – or ask us to do it for you. This way you get the last 50 cm wide strip, giving you a total of 350 cm of wallpaper!

It seems really simple, but how do you measure the amount of wallpaper needed for a wall with bevels?

Bevels are a whole other topic, but I have a tip for that too. The best way is to measure according to the drawing below ( drawing).
Here is the drawing:

All measured thanks to the instructions, but I still don’t know how much wallpaper I should order for a wall with a slant?

You don’t need to calculate anything, we will do it for you at Dekornik. Only in this case you should make a drawing, preferably freehand, and send it to zapytaj@dekornik.com.

Based on it, our graphic designer will calculate exactly how many strips of wallpaper you need/ I would add that with such unusual wall shapes, he will also prepare an individual quote for you.

Often, to give you confidence, I will also send you a visualisation.