We have collected some trophies over the years

  • A major magazine in Poland rewarded us with this prestigious name of Superproduct. We received the proce for our Maps.
    Superprodukt “Mam Dziecko” magazine
  • Our maps were noticed during the Kind+Jugend fair in Germany, awarding us with the Consumer Award.
    Consumer Award Kind+Jugend
  • KIDZONE is a platform that distinguish family-oriented companies that present the best quality possible. Great honour for us.
    Quality sign KIDZONE
  • During the most popular and prestigious contest in Poland our wallstickers received a gold medal from parents. That means trust and appreciacion from their part.
    Parent’s choice
  • Although we never won the main price three time have we been the finalists. As it is the biggest competition in Poland we still hoper for 2020!
    Finalist of The Toy of the Year
  • Our wallstickrers were named BEST CHOICE By SuperMama Magazine.
    2nd place In Supermama competition
  • Business title awarded to companies whose products have the highest quality on the market.
    Lider of the quality
  • “Branża dziecięca” (Kid’s trade magazine) named Dekornik one of the best children companies in Poland. Very honoured.
    3rd place as a company of the year