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    When we made our classic brown bunnies with Kasia Goraj-Stróżyńska, we immediately knew that a WHITE version MUST be created. Happy white rabbits slightly English in style. The guidelines for Kasia were three simple words: pastels, balloons, and fun.

    Almost life-sized 8 rabbits in funny playful poses.

    It’s a great kit for brightening up your toddler’s room. White rabbits will not dominate the decor but they will be a great addition to it as they’ll definitely lighten the interior up.


    Dimensions of the entire sheet: 100 cm x 70 cm

    Sample animal sizes:

    • sleepy: 31 cm x 19 cm
    • looking up: 18 cm x 24 cm
    • reading book: 16 cm x 30 cm
    • jumping: 32 cm x 25 cm
    • with the balloons: 22 cm x 48 cmThe stars in the pictures come from our miniset Gold Stars.
  • 62.10

    At first, this set existed as three separate stickers – a fox, the moon, and a whole set of stars. Then, one day we created a visualization that can be seen just next to this description. Bingo! The set immediately found the way to the hearts of mothers and children and since we were receiving so many inquires about it we decided to introduce it as a regular product.


    • little fox. 48 cm x 45 cm (fox has a small white outline that makes the fur look more authentic)
    • moon – 47 cm x 47 cm (no outline)
    • stars – 21 pieces on 30 cm x 30 cm template (no outline)

    We send everything in one package and the elements can be placed on the whole wall as you like.

  • 44.8055.20

    Big butterflies that will dance beautifully in a girl’s room! Very natural colors to match the decor regardless of the style of the room. We can match it with either snow-white or wooden furniture and it will suit the Butterfly Set equally well. The set perfectly matches pink as well as natural autumn colors – ocher, beige, dull green and brown. This pattern is quite neutral and for any girl.


    The templates have two sizes (width x height):

    • size S: 80 cm x 50 cm
    • size L: 110 cm x 70 cm

    Size S – small butterflies that can be nicely applied right above a desk or in a corner of the room or by the window (or on the window’s surface). It will also look great on the white wardrobe door.

    Big L butterflies are more of a decoration for a cradle or a bed. Size L has more stars (in size S we don’t have the smallest stars as they would be too small to apply) so if we want to decorate a larger wall, the big template will fit better.

    Individual elements in the S template:

    • the number of butterflies: 9 beauties
    • the largest butterfly with black elements on the wings: 38 cm x 23 cm
    • the smallest butterfly: 13 cm x 6 cm
    • number of stars: 12 pieces
    • dimensions of the stars: 6 cm, 3 cm

    Individual elements on the L template:

    • the number of butterflies: 9 beauties
    • the largest butterfly with black elements on the wings: 52 cm x 31 cm
    • the smallest butterfly: 21 cm x 11 cm
    • number of stars: 20 pieces dimensions of the stars: 7 cm, 4 cm, 3 cm

    Importantly, the stickers do not have a bright outline, so all elements can be glued on the walls in any color! In our photos, we used size L.

  • 35.2049.60

    Our sweet lion cub, also known as the King of the Savannah that lost his beloved dad. This lion is friends with everyone – people and animals. That’s why he’s the perfect companion for any toddler.

    We posted a newly written potem about the cute King Lion cub on our Facebook profile. We’ll be happy send it to you by e-mail if you decide to take our little king home. The poem is about kindness and friendship and that it doesn’t matter what roles we play in life. What matters is trust, affection, and readiness to help. It’s a combination of a sticker and a poem that is just perfect for bedtime.

    And our wall stickers are the easiest and most convenient way to decorate your walls. Small size stickers are perfect for a subtle room decoration while the larger ones can change the whole place! Thanks to its awesome character, they are often the main decoration of the room.

  • 36.90

    Clouds by Kasia Goraj-Stróżyńska were created because we used them very often in our interior designs. We made them just for pictures taken in Dekornik’s showroom but, again, our customers liked them so much that they appeared in our store.

    The whole template measures 90 cm x 50 cm and you’ll find 6 clouds on it.

    Clouds are very delicate so they look great in combination with any of our designs.

    As a decoration, they will match any of our wallstickers e.g. houses, waves and above all, the Sleepy Animals collection. Try to look also for white or brown rabbits or mice.

    And above all, Clouds + Golden Stars, makes a perfect combination!


    • largest (bottom): 45cm x 16 cm
    • smallest (on the right): 25 cm x 8 cm

    If you want the clouds to decorate the entire wall, that is over 2 m wide, it is better to buy 2 templates.

  • 41.40

    Although the set has a size of approx. 100 cm x 70 cm it’s made of several templates and color sets. It means that after placing all the elements on the wall you will get a huuuuuuge composition!
    You can easily decorate the entire wall.
    The elements are relatively small and delicate so that they won’t dominate the interior but will be a beautiful and subtle addition to a children’s room.


    • clouds: 20 cm x 13 cm, pieces: 11
    • stars: approx. 5 cm
    • moon height: 16 cm
    • dots: 1.5 cm


    • clouds: light gray
    • stars: delicate purple, turquoise and gold
    • moon and decorative dots: gold
  • 44.1080.10

    We have been preparing for this unicorn for a year sinc during our stay in Japan we saw a wonderful advertisement of… natural cosmetics. Totally fabulous! With a fairytale vault and charming animals, jumping in the background. We decided that the unicorn must also visit Dekornik in Poland. And who could paint us a more stunning unicorn than the genius Kasia Goraj-Stróżyńska? We asked her for the unicorn and we got it.

    Our fairytale unicorns come in three sizes, ideal for putting them next to each other or on the main wall in the room and the wall surface above furniture.

    Size S is great for decorating walls up to 150 cm wide. These one will be an addition to the room, e.g. above a bookshelf or a changing table.

    The size M of the template is just faaaantastic for the area above the baby’s cradle. A perfect composition! It perfectly will fit above surfaces of both 120cm long and 140 cm long cradles.
    Size L is a proposal for a full-size bed or a cot next to which there is a changing table or… nothing. In short, L sized template would be great for a wall that is over 1.5m wide. This is because the entire composition will be approx. 170-190 cm wide in total. On the wall, that measures to up at least 2 meters which gives just a DREAM composition.


    Template S (75 cm x 50 cm):

    • unicorn with a cloud – 66 cm x 28 cm
    • clouds – width: 27 cm, 20 cm and two 17 cm each
    • stars – from 1.5 cm to 4.5 cm

    Template M (103 cm x 70 cm):

    • unicorn with cloud – 92 cm x 40 cm
    • clouds – width: 37 cm, 28 cm and two 24 cm each
    • stars – from 2 cm to 6.5 cm

    Template L (150 cm x 100 cm):

    • unicorn with cloud – 132 cm x 57 cm
    • clouds – width: 74 cm, 41 cm and two, 34 cm each
    • stars – from 4 cm to 9.5 cm
  • 44.8061.60

    TOYS FROM THE ATTIC collection is our tribute to all the forgotten wonders that are hidden in the dark attics.
    This collection includes French Pierrot, a rocking horse, wooden blocks, spinning tops, leather roller skates and hula hoops! You can even find our beloved rabbit in the role of a magician in it.
    Once we wrote a poem about our bunny in which he spells the reality and this our little rhyme… has come true!
    This is a wonderful set the elements of which can be arranged in many different ways on the wall.

    The large set (L) will be perfect for the bed, the smaller set (S) can be a decoration of the surface above a desk or above a bookshelf.


    Template S: 60 cm x 66 cm

    • bunny: 24 cm x 44 cm
    • top hat with pins: 13 cm x 15 cm
    • cloud with the moon: 20 cm x 25 cm
    • stars and golden balls: from 1 cm (balls) to 7 cm (big star)

    Template L: 90 cm x 100 cm

    • bunny: 36 cm x 67 cm
    • cylinder with pins: 20 cm x 22 cm
    • cloud with the moon: 30 cm x 37 cm
    • stars and golden balls: from 2 cm (balls) to 11 cm (big star)

    The stickers do not have a white outline or border so we only transfer the ready cut elements onto the wall. That’s why they fit walls of any color.

  • 48.0064.00

    BEHIND-THE-BED WALLSTICKERS – the product invented from scratch by Dekornik. Even the Polish name is invented by us.

    The product is ideal for protecting the wall surface behind the bed or changing tables and any other areas where the wall is particularly exposed to any kind of dirt.

    What’s more, the wallsticker PASTEL MOUNTAINS has an additional feature – it is also a chalkboard. Especially the black part where drawings will be most visible.

    The wallsticker consists of three parts that are three separate mountains to place on the wall. That way the application is much easier than sticking it to the wall as one large piece.

  • 36.00

    Our basic sticker sets allows you to decorate the entire wall or even the entire room. We have combined the most beautiful sets of colors with the easiest way of applying the stickers so that parents themselves can create a fairy tale in the room of their little one without any professional help. And we like fairy tales…
    Delicate, small stickers are super trendy and they are a great way to beautifully decorate the interior at a small cost.
    Stickers are most often made of single-color cut-out films. Each color is then on a different sheet and the colors and shapes can be matched right on the wall. The glue on the stickers allows in 95 % of cases to fix mistakes when you need to reposition a dot, the heart or a star. You can just gently peel them off the wall and reposition as you like.


    • Dimension of the templates: approx. 30 cm each
    • Total number of all stickers together: 120 pieces (20 per template)
    • Dimensions of the stars: 8 cm, 6 cm, 4.5 cm, 3 cm

    The colours of the stars: black and light gray (4 templates of light gray stars and 2 of black stars)

  • 56.0072.00

    Small houses are five separate elements you can place in the order of your liking. You can mix and match them, apply together or separate.

    This set is a continuation of our hit collection LIFE (Life in the city, by the sea, in the sky), although in this set we have slightly changed the colors by adding a mustard shade and giving up on grey. This way the houses are perfect both for girls and boys.


    • size S: 126 cm x 70 cm cm, is the ideal size above the cradle.
    • size L: 180 cm x 100 cm which should be applied above the full-sized bed

    Please remember that the sticker can be applied just above the floor line. For example, in the corner where we have a matte and toys like a fun corner in the room. Placing our wallsticker will protect the walls from getting any dirt or scratch.

    The picture shows a S size in the picture. The project is an original drawing by Kasia Bachor from Dekornik.

  • 40.8060.80

    Our Scandinavian clouds are a great mix of white, black, and gray. This combination would make a simple and universal match with even the most minimalist decor.


    Cloud size in individual sets:

    • template size S: largest cloud 28 cm x 45 cm / smallest cloud 28 cm x 14 cm
    • template size M: largest cloud 64 cm x 40 cm / smallest cloud 40 cm x 20 cm
  • 18.00

    Basic sets are perfect for setting on the adventure with wall stickers.
    Three templates with plenty of single-color stickers and shapes are enough to decorate the entire wall.
    Seems not a game changer, right? In fact, a decorated wall with stars or clouds may look like wallpapered and can completely change the interior of the room. But one of the main advantages of our Minisets is… fun!

    The application is very simple so you can have fun with your toddlers and let them decorate their rooms on their own! Stickers should be tested first, for example on the wall behind the door. In 95% of cases, they can be peeled off and glued again without any damage to the wall.


    • Templates dimension: approx. 30 cm each
    • Total number of all stickers together: 60 pieces (20 per template)
    • Dimensions of the stars: 3 cm, 4.5 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm.
  • 48.60

    Welcome to the world of Harry Rabbit! Harry got his name in a survey we conducted on our Facebook profile. He got the most ‘likes’ and we liked this dignified name very much, too!

    Harry has been our bestseller ever since. We send it to our little friends every day. We like this rabbit very much. And we know that it’s not just us.

    Animal wallstickers are the easiest and most convenient way to decorate your walls. Small size stickers are perfect for a subtle room decoration while the larger ones (min. 150 cm wide) can change the whole place! Thanks to its awesome character, they are often the main decoration of the room.


    Our Harry is available in a universal size: 50 cm x 103 cm

  • 42.30

    The 50 cm high moon is a stylish decor addition for any child dreaming of becoming an astronaut one day. And we know that we used to go want to go to space, too. Well, we still do.
    The sticker is printed on a strong adhesive foil so that this decoration lasts for several years. Stars are a foil that you can peel off and change their position if you don’t like the original composition.


    • moon: 50 cm x 50 cm printed and cut
    • stars: each around 5 cm / 21 pieces
  • 44.10

    Return to Innocence is the collection that brings back the memories of spring and early summer when the grass is green…. And we are just kids running as fast as we can through the wet grass. Do you remember those times? If not, these wallpapers will bring these images back for you. The images of the first spring stork in the sun, the wide blue-green lakes full of ducks in the summer, the meadows with cute little flowers. Just look, think, and bring this all back… And then pass these memories to your children.


    • Clouds are situated on the stencil measuring 70 cm x 50 cm
    • Size of the clouds: smallest – 19 cm x 10 cm / biggest – 46 cm x 14 cm

    Clouds have no white outline so it is possible to put the on any colour of the wall.

  • 55.2071.20

    Savanna Adventure Collection is a gang of animals from a fairytale: a giraffe, a lemur, a daddy lion with his baby son, an elephant, a toucan and even a pink flamingo. Wonderful creatures painted by Kasia Goraj Stróżyńska will be a perfect deco adjustment to any children’s room. They stimulate imagination, complete the interior, and you can tell stories about them… forever and ever.

    The elephant is the biggest animal in our collection, just like the nature made it to be.


    • The template in size L measures 130 cm x 100 cm and the animal itself, after application, measures 125 cm x 92 cm. Considering that in most of the flats and houses we have a skirting board, a large animal will measure about 100 cm in height! However, we also recommend for the elephant of this size to decorate the wall above a full-size bed. It fits nicely in between the backrests at the front and back and it fills almost the entire surface above the bed. And it simply looks stunning!
    • The template in size S is 90 cm x 70 cm, and the elephant itself is 87 cm x 65 cm. This is a perfect proposition for a desk or a baby cot that is 120 cm in size. Not too big, not too small!

    The leaves on this template are only a background. Only the elephant is a wallsticker that is cut and prepared for application.

    Our animals are in delicate pastel shades not without a reason as this way they will match all interior styles. We also made them more realistic and we wanted them to be just like those from botanical albums’ pages. That way they will also be welcomed in the rooms of children of 5-6 year-olds and not only in lovely nurseries. We believe that they will help to develop curiosity about the magical world of nature and… the love for animals – a thing that is dear to our hearts.
    Have a great fun and… learning!

  • 36.00

    A set of stripes that we like to call biscuits is a great way to decorate walls in not entirely obvious areas. The center of the wall is usually decorated whether with a sticker or wallpaper or some other decorative elements that are the main decoration of the room. This is not the case with these Circles. What if there are shelves, pictures, posters on the wall and we don’t really want to change the atmosphere of the room? We and our ‘biscuits’ can help you out.

    Semicircles with a diameter of approx. 9 cm that are connected in stripes so that the assembly is extremely easy. Not too long and not too short as the ‘buiscuits’ are they are about 55 cm wide so that one person can easily stick them evenly, strip by strip. There are 14 stripes in the template which gives us over 7 running meters after sticking. This is just enough to decorate a wall in a medium-sized children’s room.

    Our tip: these biscuit circles look great in rooms with slants and as a finishing to the panneling.

  • 55.2071.20

    A wonderful set with a moon that will work 100% right above a cradle or a full-size bed.

    A set with a moon, 7 clouds and 20 stars is enough to turn a room into a magical land. The elements painted with watercolors by Kasia Bachor are delicate but not pale and despite its shades, they look wonderful on a white wall, creating an ideal atmosphere for telling fairy tales and… falling asleep.


    We have designed three sizes to match the wall surface above the crib. Here they are:

    • Set M – as shown in our photos – perfect for one wall along the longer side of the cradle. It will just decorate the entire surface, not overwhelm it. Template dimensions: 70 cm x 70 cm, moon dimensions: 51 cm x 50 cm, cloud width: from 21 cm to 36 cm
    • Set L – great if you want to arrange both walls above the cradle, on the longer and shorter side of the bed. It is also the best set if you are decorating a large cut above a full-size crib. Template dimensions: 100 cm x 100 cm, moon dimensions: 72 cm x 70 cm, cloud width: from 30 cm to 52 cm

    Have beautiful dreams…

  • 36.00

    Confetti is a “sticker” combination of our favourite colours. This is an incredibly simple trick to bring fun and joy to the child’s room.

    The story behind the Confetti set is amusing!
    When we created the six sets of colours we couldn’t decide wich ones to include in Dekornik’s offer. So we asked our customers on Facebook to decide for us. And in this democrating voting, all of the six sets were equally voted on!


    • template dimension: 30 cm each
    • number of elements of all templates together: 72 pieces (18 per template)
    • height of 1 dot:  5 cm

    The colours of the dots: lily, navy blue, turquoise (blue with a touch of green) and light gray.



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