How to choose the best wallpaper for girls's bedroom?

How to choose the best wallpaper for girls's bedroom?

Today we will introduce a 10 wallpapers for girl's room. Are you looking for wallpaper for your little princess's room? Maybe you'd like to create a bedroom for your child that will help her to sleep undisturbed and you to relax like before. Sounds appealing, there's more. In this short guide, we'll show you how to stylishly decorate a baby girl's bedroom in a way that will ensure her well-being and, at the same time, meet the demands of her mum.

Where do you start when choosing the perfect decoration for your child's bedroom?

It is worth focusing not only on aesthetics, but also on the functionality of the decoration, which will contribute to a peaceful sleep for the child and a well-deserved rest for mum.The wallpapers we will present here will provide the perfect basis for creating a magical environment for your child. We have specially selected them so that the little princess feels safe and comfortable with them.

Boquet flowers violet Boquet flowers violet

Discover the most beautiful bedroom arrangements for a baby girl

First up is the stylish Australian Summer floral wallpaper: a wonderful, girly and very lively arrangement combined with natural wicker accessories and classic colonial-style furniture will create a beautiful space for rest, sleep and play....
The navy blue wallpaper presented by our Michalina is also an interesting choice, a muted blue influence

Choose a wallpaper that stimulates the imagination

A wallpaper for a girl's bedroom that stimulates the imagination and also takes care of the most beautiful dreams is a hit of recent years that does not go off the pedestal, and we are of course talking about forest wallpapers that add an aura of mystery and fairy tales to the space...

Birds White-Gray Wallpaper Birds White-Gray Wallpaper

Surrounded by forest friends, your child will sleep like an angel. In addition, forest animal motifs with birds stimulate your child's curiosity and have a positive effect on their development.

Cute forest animals Light Wallpaper Cute forest animals Light Wallpaper

What colour to choose for a girl's bedroom

When designing a bedroom for your little princess, you will need to decide on the right colour scheme for it. The colours you choose for a little girl's bedroom have a huge impact on her mood and well-being, as well as affecting the quality of her sleep! According to scientists and studies, pastel colours, delicate shades of pink, blue and green have the best effect on a baby's sleep, and above all, what is important for us parents, have an impact on the quality and length of a baby's sleep.

We don't need to convince anyone of the importance of a baby's sleep for its development and well-being, and it's not only important for a baby to sleep, but especially for a parent - but this is a less decorative topic, so I'll leave it at that 😊.

Bouquet of flowers – lilac Wallpaper designed room by Olga ZIarek Bouquet of flowers – lilac Wallpaper designed room by Ola Ziarek

Let's go back to the decorating issues, i.e. what colour for a child's bedroom would be best? The answer is any that is calming, i.e. blue, pastel shades of pink, purple, mint or blue will help to create a pleasant atmosphere in your child's bedroom. As opposed to bright colours that can over-stimulate and make it difficult to fall asleep. To find wallpaper for your daughter's bedroom on the baby wallpaper shop, use the colour filters to help you choose wallpaper, taking into account our colour preferences.

Add educational elements in your child's bedroom

Wallpaper can not only be a decoration, but also a learning tool. Choose wallpapers with numbers, letters or plants to subtly introduce educational elements into your child's room. It's a great way to develop interests from an early age.

How do you personalise your daughter's bedroom?

Personalising the bedroom makes. Add personalising elements to the room, such as the child's name placed, for example: on a poster. This will make the room more for your child, besides, such a poster for the wall with your daughter's name is not only a beautiful decoration for the bedroom, but also a keepsake for many years.

Let your child choose the accessories for the bedroom

If we're already on the subject of choosing the perfect accessories, a request to parents is to not forget the baby when decorating the baby's room! After all, we are preparing the bedroom for our little princess, so let her choose her favourite wallpaper pattern or colour. If you're afraid of making too bold a choice, which may conflict with your concept of aesthetics - simply use the option of a limited choice, but varied enough for the little girl to feel empowered to decorate the room.

Younger residents can be given a choice of bedroom accessories such as bedding, cushions or wall decals. When a child has the opportunity to choose accessories she feels her agency, and besides you, much better for your child, but it will also make the room a place where she feels comfortable and safe!

We also have wallpaper with hearts:

Choosing bedroom wallpaper for a baby girl - consider her age

Wallpaper for a baby girl's bedroom can contain more contrasting patterns, supporting visual development. Wallpaper for babies can not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also have a stimulating and educational function, supporting the child's development on various levels.

For an older girl's bedroom, we recommend more subtle wallpaper designs, for example: floral, which are very girly, set a romantic mood and above all have a soothing effect on the senses. The little princess will feel at ease in such a floral environment, as floral motifs have a positive effect on the atmosphere of the room. Wallpaper with floral patterns is often chosen for girls' bedrooms, as it adds a soft and fresh feel.

It is also worth looking at pastel colours, which are commonly used in girls' bedroom arrangements. Shades of pink, purple, deco.tap.184 mint or yellow such as in the australian summer wallpaper can create a pleasant and calm atmosphere. Remember to make sure that other decorative accessories, such as bedding or curtains, match the wallpaper pattern, so that you maintain a consistent character in the room. Also, don't forget that for larger girls, it's worth considering.

In addition, decorative elements such as the colours of the bedding, curtains or accessories can be matched to the wallpaper pattern, which gives the whole room a consistent character. However, it is worth bearing in mind the preferences of the girl herself - she may have her favourite colours or motifs that she would like to have in her personal space.


A girl's bedroom is not only a place to sleep, but also a space where the child develops her dreams and imagination. Wallpaper patterns can stimulate creativity while creating a relaxing atmosphere. For a little artist or nature lover, wallpaper with a floral motif is like an open window into a magical dream world. When choosing children's wallpaper for a girl's bedroom, focus on floral patterns, colours conducive to a peaceful night's sleep and adapt the choice to the age of the little one. Creating a harmonious space conducive to your child's development and dreams is an investment in her happiness.