Transform Your Child's Room in 15 Minutes or Less

Transform Your Child's Room in 15 Minutes or Less

Today we'll convince you that you don't need a big revolution to refresh the look of a child's room. Small things can do the so-called job! That's why if you don't have the time, or the desire, or maybe the skills,  we have a super-help - Children's Room Metamorphoses in 15 minutes!

Thanks to us you will make a quick and easy renovation, and the effect will be spectacular. In this article we present the best tricks that will make your little one's room look stylish and practical. So what, ready for home revolutions?

How to start the renovation?

We start every renovation with the most important one, which is to clean up the baby's room. Well... when we have a clean space, ideas will pop into our heads by themselves! Besides, a general decluttering is a great opportunity to get rid of UNWANTED THINGS.

When it comes to a child's room, the rule applies - less is more. When choosing furniture, it's important to provide the toddler first and foremost with space to play and relax.

Renovating a child's room - choosing colours and theme

Before starting a renovation in a child's room, you will need to choose the colours in the toddler's room and think about the theme. Architects recommend sticking to the rule of keeping a maximum of 2-3 colors. Remember that the colours and style in the child's room should match the rest of the rooms in the house, as we wrote about (HERE)

Children's room metamorphoses in 15 minutes from Dekornik

Looking for inspiration for a quick overhaul in your child's room? We have something special! For children aged 1-4 we recommend our decorating sets, we called them Quick Fix Set, because they perfectly reflect the idea of these sets!

No need for painting or drilling! For that, they quickly and effectively change the look of your child's room! And most importantly, you buy 20% cheaper in a set!
Applying these stickers on the wall will not take you more than 15 minutes, and the WOW effect will remain for years! And you have to admit that wall stickers successfully replace wallpaper.

What will you find in Quick Fix Set?

Large wall stickers in the shape of circles with different motifs (for boys: airplanes, balloons, rockets, for girls: birds, flowers, butterflies) will help to fill empty walls! The stickers are large enough to replace wallpaper! To them we added plywood shelves with a motif that matches the stickers. Mounting them is literally 5 minutes, without screwdrivers and glues!

Thoughtfully designed so that a busy mom can assemble them quickly and independently. In some sets, instead of shelves, we gave our wonderful bedding sets, which IDEALLY match our wall stickers. Our set makes the room look aesthetically pleasing and stylish! Changing a toddler's room in 15 minutes, stress-free, fast and beautiful! Take a look for yourself!

Changing boy's room!

A boy's room is a challenge for interior designers, but not for us! Just choose a theme and go with its direction to create a fabulous yet creative space for a toddler. For space lovers, we recommend Cosmos sets (link here)! Together with them you will reach for the stars and higher. The set includes stickers of your choice: Planets with telescope or Rocket! Both sticker sets are our bestsellers! If space is not for you, then a little closer to the ground, but still up in the air we recommend the set Planes 1 or Planes 2 ( English planes) . In the first set of stickers juxtaposed with our departed bedding planes! And in the second, a plywood shelf that can be placed surrounded by clouds .... Or over the crib between the planes.... With this set, the toddler will rock - Literally!

Let's come down to earth and let our little traveler have adventures with wild animals.... With the Savanna set we will bring a little spirit of adventure into the room, like Indiana Jones! So how did you choose your set? Let these photos be your inspiration.

Changing girl's room - check our inspirations!

A girl's room allows for greater design variations. In our wallpaper store you can find beautiful girls' wallpapers, as well as wall stickers. The latter option is definitely a cheaper and faster way to change the decor in a child's room.

Stickers with flowers, such as magnolias or butterflies, will create a romantic fairy tale in a girl's room. Add the right light fabrics, a canopy over the crib, a few pillows and you will create a beautiful and cozy room for a little princess. Catch inspiration from Dekornik.

Quick effect in the newborn's room - a wall kit from Dekornik

Most often in a newborn's room, moms opt for bright colours. However, white walls in a baby's room can be simply boring, including for a toddler! That's why we suggest colorful, animal stickers for them. Moms of toddlers are particularly fond of two sets of our Quick Fix Set, these are Happy Rabbits and Deer The first is a set of runaway bunnies for the wall or furniture in the baby's room. To them we added our adorable bedding for the crib.... cozy right?

The second is an adorable deer - a sticker in a circle, to which we added a shelf for essential accessories and a wonderful pillow. For a tired mom under her head, or as a decoration for a girl's room. This set combined with natural furniture looks simply fabulous. And for boys toddlers we recommend our Balloons! Two wonderful sets with stickers in the shape of balloons, plus a choice of bedding or plywood over the crib or dresser. All planned so that mom always has a spare pacifier, bottle or teether on hand for the little one!

What to keep in mind

As you can see... redecorating a child's room doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. With simple tricks and creative solutions, you can create a spectacular effect in your little one's space. Get down to cleaning, make a thoughtful choice of furniture, and decide on themes and colurs that reflect your child's character.
Quick Fix Set decorative sets, such as wall decals and plywood shelves and bedding, are a quick and easy way to freshen up a room without spending a lot of time or money. Choose a theme from among the 19 Quick Fix Sets that best reflects your little one's character and tastes, and have fun decorating!

And if you still need some convincing, please check out "quick fix" in our showroom: 

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