5 stars of interior design from Poland reveal their golden advice for kid's rooms

5 stars of interior design from Poland reveal their golden advice for kid's rooms

We have gathered for you 5 fantastic women: architects, enthusiasts, authors and... mothers. We know them in Poland from television and the Internet, they are celebrity advisors. And it is for us that they reveal their coolest tricks for children's rooms.

Agnieszka Witkowska - known as the Architect of order, an author of a very popular blog, books and planners

According to Agnieszka, the most important is the so-called decluttering. Getting rid of unnecessary things. But let's do it with the baby. This is a good way to get to know your little one better, especially by asking him questions:

1. Is it operational / complete / safe?
2. Do you enjoy it?
3. Are you interested in this?
4. Do you have space for it?

We could hear sentences: I won't use it, but it's from grandma, I don't want to throw it away.I", which can give us a lot of cool information. It is also an opportunity to teach a child about the need to share (we give things to people in need), economy (we sell) or ecology (we go to throw away batteries in a special place).

Remember to marvel at every little thing your child does about learning order. Cheer, reward. I invented a points system for my own needs: a certain number of points for cleaning your space is, for example, going out for ice cream or watching cartoons. It works!

Katarzyna Jaroszyńska - one of the presenters in the most popular morning show in Poland with TVN

The most important piece of furniture in a child's room is a wardrobe. We always choose a light coloured one. And if the room is small, let's put on a wardrobe with a mirror, which will optically enlarge the space.

Katarzyna also talks about the so-called. non-removable items. What does it mean? These are all small objects that store childhood memories: pine cones, balls from vending machines, candy wrappers. What to do with them? Kasia proposes a system of organizers or hanging wooden shelves out of reach of a toddler. Then we will expose everything, but it will not be messy.

Anna Kuk-Dutka, award-winning architect, designer of the most beautiful natural house in Poland

Anna shares with us her 5 top tips for decorating children's space. And here they are:

Always create a space that encourages play and growth. Don't create exposure. The resident is a small man who needs activities, development and a lot of activity.

Adjust the height of the furniture to the age of the child. A toddler should always have blocks at hand, and an older child, for example, hangers, so that he can learn to hang up, for example, pajamas or a coat.

The colours of nature are in fashion today. Don't expect your toddler to love toys that match only beige and brown colors. Again, remember that he/she is the resident of this room.

I always advise clients to have a neutral room base. Let's fit the child's interests into the decor in accessories, things that can be changed, for example, wallpaper stripes or stickers. But let the base remain "flexible".

Remember to focus on quality, not quantity. I know it's not easy, but a toddler doesn't need more than 4 dolls or cars. Bet on durable things that will withstand the test of time, and maybe even go to ... your children's children.

Ola Ziarek, architect of Polish stars, has his own show on the Internet

Do you know the style called Wabi Sabi? If the answer is no, it's time to get to know it because it is gonna be huuuge! It's wonderful that the trend of rooms where you feel time and find beauty in imperfect things has entered with impetus, also to the rooms of the youngest. I love the aura of an old interior with a soul - sais Ola.

What is this style about? Even in not buying, but in renewing old furniture. A beautiful large wooden wardrobe or an old desk for larger children. Don't buy, give them a second life. Most often, old furniture is made of beautiful wood, better than what we find in stores today. Bet on natural materials: unbleached cotton or linen. Linen curtains are a beautiful addition to the room. And finally, rustic walls - those with retro wallpaper or painted with structured paint (lime wash), which will also slowly become a trend.

Magda Motrenko, runs the most popular interior design channel on YouTube "Interiors Exteriors"

Magda highlights the 3 most important points in decorating a room

1. To always adapt the interior to the age of the child.

2. To remember that little ones love to experiment and turn things over in room.

3. To plan storage space and furniture.

Things I always pay attention to are, for example, the height of the switches (if we are at the renovation stage where we can plan it), always place them lower so that the child manages the light himself. If this is not possible, try to buy a remote control for your toddler. It makes it much easier.

Wardrobe design: Do not choose a wardrobe that has a door that goes all the way to the floor. If you lay out the blocks with the child, you will not be able to open it. A better solution is a drawer from the bottom, and then the door. Then you put the less necessary things in the drawer, and everything you use often, behind the wardrobe door, a little above.