Checked wallpaper - a fashion that never goes away!

Checked wallpaper - a fashion that never goes away!

Checked wallpaper - a fashion that never goes away! These are the conclusions we come to you with today. Maybe you remember the times when the red and blue checked pattern used to be dominant in the kitchen.

It appeared there in the form of tablecloths, tablecloths or curtains. If you don't remember, be sure to ask your mother or grandmother. They will confirm that checked wallpaper was also very fashionable....

Why are we talking about this? Because it turns out that fashion has once again come full circle. Proof of this is our latest collection, which is very popular. So if you're still looking for the perfect wallpaper for your child's room - you'll find plenty of inspiration here!

The checks on the wall is a pattern that is waiting to be rediscovered and enveloped. It's a motif that would be perfect in a lamp room or a toddler's room. Checkered wallpaper is timeless, beyond subcultural.... You could say that check is so versatile because it suits everyone, regardless of gender or age!

The great comeback of plaid for interior styling.

Checked wallpaper is back in favour, it's back in the showrooms, it's back in fashion! Although to write that it is making a comeback is severely unfair to this pattern. The check has been and still is fashionable. It is a classic aesthetic, not a passing trend that just wanders into different areas. Now the checkered pattern is fashionable again in interiors.

Dekornik Wallpapers check SIMPLE check pattern small cinnamon

A fine check wallpaper will be a lovely but not overwhelming pattern. A child in such an environment will be healthy and happy - check for a child's room is a great thing! Take a look at these arrangements from our customers

SIMPLE check pattern small cinnamon check wallpaper brown Dekornik - you can admire the beautiful styling of the boy's room with this wallpaper HERE. We'll add, for doubters, that the checked pattern is a symbol of elegance, class and style. If you want to know what makes this pattern an ideal choice for a child's room? Read on!

Checked history, or from Scotland to Milan

The origins of the use of checkered can be traced back to Scotland, where the tartan, or checked pattern, was originally used to identify clans. Over time, it became a symbol of Scotland's national identity. In the 19th century, thanks to the influence of the British aristocracy and Queen Victoria, the check pattern began to become fashionable outside.

Checked pattern in interiors and fashion an enduring trend

Nowadays, the check pattern finds its way into both street fashion and the fashion runways. Designers use the check in a variety of contexts, from classic and elegant to more avant-garde and extravagant styling.

A checked wallpaper as a decoration idea for a child's room

A checked wallpaper is a great idea for decorating the walls of a toddler's room. Definitely more appropriate than a wall mural depicting palm trees and sands, which today is associated with hmmm... lack of style....

Besides, a wall mural has the quality of getting boring quickly. If you don't believe me, think back to how often you change the photos in the frame? Well, let's go back to looking for the perfect decoration for a toddler's room for a moment and admire arrangements using checkered wallpaper with a summer name.

Wallpaper Provence check beige blue BIG 

Wallpaper Provence check beige blue BIG

Dekornik Tapeta Provence check beige blue available check sizes: small, medium and large >>Click on the link and explore all products 

The checked pattern is made for a child, as our Kasia - the illustrator and graphic designer of Dekornik - proves. First of all, this pattern is regular and symmetrical. Such decorations have a stimulating effect on a toddler's developing perception. Secondly, children love patterns that can be easily analysed and recognized, and the checked pattern fits perfectly into these criteria. We love it, so we will introduce more checkerd patterns," promises Kasia.

Checked wallpaper is an attractive choice for the interior design of a newborn baby!

Checked wallpaper patterns are extremely attractive to children because of their vivid colours and abstract patterns. Such products breathe new life into the walls in a child's room, creating a pleasant and warm atmosphere. See for yourself, on our visuals with Dekornik checked wallpapers. 

Dekornik checked wallpapers.

 Boho Meadow checked and floral wallpaper - by Kasia Bachor of Dekornik, pictured is a gorgeous baby bed from Sebra.

The checked wallpaper will be appropriate decoration that promote development and creative play. Many times our wallpaper becomes a tool for learning about the world. Helping children learn to recognize shapes, colours and stimulate their imagination.

Checked wallpaper is a choice not only for a child

It is also worth noting that the choice of checkered wallpaper on the wall does not have to be limited only to the room of a young child. Dekornik's checked wallpaper is a great choice for preschoolers and slightly older toddlers. Children of this age still appreciate colourful and fun patterns. Besides, they need a space that will grow with them.

Checkered wallpaper for the room of an older child

The project of @selectdesign 

We can see this, from the reactions of our female customers, that wallpaper - check is a universal choice that suits all ages. It is ordered by moms of newborns, preschoolers as well as school-aged children is making a comeback in the bedroom!

Checkered wallpaper for the room of an older child

Teenagers - this group is a bit more demanding when it comes to room decoration. Young customers in interior design value above all: creativity and originality. How to do this? Of course, and here checkered wallpaper comes to the rescue. This checked pattern gives young people the opportunity to experiment.

Wallpaper Provence check beige blue BIG

Checked wallpaper a safe choice for a teenager

You can see for yourself, this checkered pattern is eternal and universal. It will not pass away with the next trends. History is the best proof of this. Check on the wall in the room of a teenager will also pass. Kids at this age, full of hormonal moods, often change their preferences and interests. For example, for a teenager with a passion for sports, such a checkered wallpaper in team colours will provide the perfect backdrop for his collection from his beloved club.

An interesting solution is this white card pattern: the young occupant of the room will be able to match such a decoration with appropriate posters, furniture - it can't go wrong here. See how beautifully the room looks  @Pola na lesnej on our Instagram: HERE

Summary - Checked wallpaper for the Wall

Checked wallpaper is a return to a classic aesthetic that never goes out of style. Such a wall decoration is a wonderful choice for a child's room, as you already know from this text. A checked wall is a combination of aesthetics and functionality. And choosing wallpaper in the Dekornik store is easy, because we are happy to advise you!

If you are still not convinced dear moms, we have an ace up our sleeve. Dirt is less conspicuous on a check pattern! Besides, Kasia Bachor's patterns bring magic to the rooms. With the checked wallpaper you will create a pleasant and inspiring space for a child young and old. If you want to buy wallpaper, but are afraid of a pattern that is too dominant, then the checked is for you!