How to make a room bigger - 6 tricks for small rooms

How to make a room bigger

Usually the smallest room in the house is the child's room. This is why parents may forget wall decorations because they fear an overwhelming effect. Quite unnecessarily!

It turns out that a well-chosen wallpaper can add volume to a child's space. Read 6 tricks for small rooms and find out how to optically enlarge a small child's room with wallpaper.

Today we're sharing a few simple tricks that won't make your child's room smaller, but will make it look stylish and practical. Discover Dekornik wallpapers that are brilliantly suited to small rooms!

Optical enlargement of a child's room with Dekornik wallpapers!

One of the most effective ways to optically enlarge a room is to use wallpapers on the wall. Thanks to them you can achieve great visual effects. Discover the decorations that will make your child's room bigger and cosier.

Discover the power of well-chosen wallpapers and enjoy wonderful arrangements that will delight your child, household members and guests.

Below is a beautiful striped wallpaper with a frill, combined with white and wooden accessories. A wonderful milky room that is nice to spend time in and sleep in.

Dekornik wallpaper with stripes beige vintage

The photo is from @notop's IG, and on the wall hangs the Dekornik wallpaper SKU: DEKO.TAP.329 - SIMPLE Rustic Beige White Wallpaper

Dekornik Striped Wallpaper Striped wallpaper in a milky, fabulous baby's room, photo via Instagram @Notopa[/caption].

Choose Wallpaper in bright colours and delicate Patterns

For small spaces, it is always a good idea to choose light-coloured wallpapers that reflect light and make the interior appear brighter and more spacious. Delicate patterns work well in a small space: subtle polka dots, stars or dots, e.g.:. Large checked wallpaper in pastel colours: SIMPLE irregular check pattern wallpaper white.

White check Wallpaper Dekornik

SIMPLE wallpaper irregular check pattern

Colours such as white, pastels or delicate patterns can optically enlarge a space. Remember to combine such decorations with lightweight furniture and accessories in similar tones to achieve a harmonious décor. (Photo: Woodlack furniture).

Architectural tip: Natural light plays a key role in small rooms, so it is important to have large windows.

Vertical Stripes Wallpaper

We won't discover America when we write that stripes are a great tool to optically enlarge a room. All women know very well the power of stripes, especially when it comes to clothes, Yes dear ladies - stripes slim and elongate not only our waist, but also our flats. Below we present Olga Frycz in her bedroom against the background of the striped wallpaper by Dekornik SIMPLE Vintage Stripes Beige Blue.

Olga Frycz in her bedroom against the background of the striped wallpaper by Dekornik SIMPLE Vintage Stripes Beige Blue.

SIMPLE Vintage Stripes Beige Blue Dekornik wallpaper in Olga Frycz's bedroom, photo by Kuba Stanek.

This is why our striped wallpapers, whether grey or two-coloured, are enduringly popular. Take a look at these monochrome arrangements: in one tone, which will look good in both a child's small room and an adult's bedroom.

Dekornik SIMPLE Vintage Stripes

Dekornik Striped Wallpaper SIMPLE Rustic Beige White looks wonderful with woodlack furniture, photo from IG Dekornik, @olieranza.

Now you can see that by choosing a wallpaper with vertical stripes, you can make the ceiling appear higher, which automatically has the effect of visually enlarging your child's room. Below: our beloved boys' room design using SIMPLE Rustic Dark striped wallpaper.

Dekornik Two-colour striped wallpaper - this model is recommended for a boy's room: SIMPLE Rustic Dark Wallpaper Dekornik 

Wallpaper with borders optically enlarges the space

The latest hit in the design of children's rooms is wall panelling and stuccowork. English stucco is particularly popular. If you are also a fan of classic motifs, be sure to try a combination of panelling with Dekornik wallpaper. Both simple motifs and wallpapers with flowers (in the room of Maja Bohosiewicz's daughter), as well as the checked pattern, about which we wrote more: HERE

Just look at how wallpaper laid halfway up the wall in combination with a border helps to create the impression of more space. Below is a photo of the bed with our Dekornik Simple Vintage Stripes Beige Brown wallpaper.

Dekornik Striped Wallpaper SIMPLE Rustic Beige

Dekornik Stripes Wallpaper Simple Vintage Stripes Beige Brown

Dekornik Wallpaper's colourful portofino stripes also work wonders in a space, adding colour and volume.

Stripes patterns from Dekornik are not only elegant, but also perfect for children's interiors. Anyway, striped wallpaper is such a gender- and age-neutral pattern. Therefore, if you don't plan to redecorate every season, stripes will be a shot that will stand the test of time!

Monochrome patterns and contrasting accessories

When you want to optically enlarge a small room, it's a good idea to go for solid, monochrome wallpaper patterns that won't overwhelm the space.

On the other hand, to add some contrast and visual interest, you can go for contrasting accessories such as colourful cushions, rugs, paintings or posters: Here we recommend our original cherry posters.

Dekornik SIMPLE tiny speckles gray wallpaper, Instagram photo from one satisfied customer, photo Ig @mama_mikolaja
Dekornik SIMPLE tiny speckles gray wallpaper, Instagram photo from one satisfied customer, photo Ig @mama_mikolaja.
Decorations like these will add a sweet touch to any arrangement and room. The photo shows a stylishly decorated children's room with the >SIMPLE tiny speckles gray wallpaper. Such a casual pattern, a change from the very traditional white wall.

The dotted grey wallpaper looks stylish in combination with contrasting furniture and colourful books. These dots on the wall bring order to the room: SIMPLE tiny speckles gray Wallpaper Dekornik.

Textured imitation wallpaper

Wallpaper imitating textures such as concrete, wood or stone can make a small room look more spacious. Pictured here is the Dekornik wallpaper in birches and birds, such a delicate forest motif for a child's room. With such a wall, you can go wild with colourful accessories, although in our opinion, it looks best in combination with natural wood.
Dekornik Birch Forest Wallpaper Wood imitation forest wallpaper design Select Design, Inga Pietrzak, children's room ].

Dekornik Birch Forest Wallpaper Wood imitation forest wallpaper design Select Design, Inga Pietrzak, children's room.

We borrowed this photo from an architect at @Select Design, who designed her daughter's room using our wallpaper: Birch Forest. In this arrangement, this tasteful combination of lattice and vintage-style furniture is stunning. The room smells of wood and has such an idyllic atmosphere.

Like on holiday at grandma's in the countryside. In a room arranged in this way, your child will certainly sleep well, as he or she will not be over-stimulated by the colours. The tones used have been chosen to have a soothing effect on the senses.

Large-scale patterns

Wallpaper with large, repeating patterns can effectively help to 'visually deceive'. Therefore, if you have a small child's room to design, you don't have to be afraid of large patterns on the wall at all.

DEKO.TAP.282 CLASSIC graphic flowers light Wallpaper, Instagram @Natalia Odziemek.

DEKO.TAP.282 CLASSIC graphic flowers light Wallpaper, Instagram @Natalia Odziemek.

Large-format patterns in the Dekornik wallpaper shop, such as large flowers, leaves or geometric shapes, can become the focal point of a room. Such decorations are an effective distraction from the small size of the room. For example, below we present the beautiful Patrycja Soltysik among Dekornik's leaf wallpaper.

Pictured is Pati Soltytsik against the Dekornik leaves wallpaper[/caption].
Leaves on the walls always add lightness.

Such natural patterns effectively pretend to be open spaces, like gardens, meadows - fooling our senses. With this wallpaper you can feel like you are in the Jungle. The leaves wallpaper is presented by Andrzej Soltysik's beautiful wife Pati Soltysik.

Patterns with small flowers

Wallpaper with flowers is a popular decorative choice for children's rooms. In addition to their natural girlish charm, they also have another advantage - they help to enlarge the space.

Especially wallpapers with small flowers or leaves give a pleasant light effect to the room. Let a great example of such a wallpaper ideal for a small room be: the Mini Mini leaf wallpaper. This repetitive pattern, gives the impression of continuity and thus optically enlarges the tiny room.

Architect's tip: When choosing wallpaper for a small room, remember to choose flowers on a pastel, light background. Such colours help to reflect light, which makes the room appear brighter and therefore larger.

Minimini Leaf Wallpaper / Return to Innocence

Minimini Leaf Wallpaper / Return to Innocence

Designs with small flowers often have straight, regular lines, which can have the effect of visually stretching a space. These lines can lead the eye along a wall, adding to the impression of a longer and more spacious room.[/caption].


We hope you've made it to the end, but it was probably worth it because now you know that the right wallpaper can completely transform an interior, for more inspiration check out our Instagram>