Discover the Top 5 Secrets to Decorating for Siblings

Discover the Top 5 Secrets to Decorating for Siblings

Today you will learn how to decorate the perfect room for siblings. We will try to answer the question of how to fit two children in one room.... A cozy and functional room for a child is the dream of every parent. However... the square footage of the apartment does not always allow us to arrange two separate rooms for children. And yet each young person has his own individual personality, character and taste. How to reconcile this with arranging the space? Read our practical tips on how to arrange a room for siblings, for a boy and a girl.

Separate different zones of the room

In a word of introduction: there are two schools for arranging sibling rooms. One group of architects argues to separate zones in a sibling room - sleeping zone, play zone, study zone. The other group, on the other hand, argues that the siblings' room should be divided in half.

How to decorate the perfect room for siblings?

Simply, forming two separate rooms in this way. To do this, you can use furniture, different colors, accessories, for example, putting an elongated carpet in the middle or putting there, for example, Ikea's Kallax bookcase. In this case, the small size does not matter much, but each child should have a separate room, if only mentally separated.

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However, we leave it to you, the parents, to judge this issue, because you are the ones who know your kids best. We will only give you some decorating tips on how to create a room design for siblings when there is not much space in the apartment.

Often parents who live in a block of flats are left in this situation. Residents of townhouses still have mezzanine floors, where you can put a bed on the mezzanine, or make it a place to store toys, locked behind some fancy door that matches the room. Children like such hiding places, parents too.

Children's room with a neutral base

Favorite colors of architects and ours. In addition, beiges, browns, grays (although not too many of these), whites and pastel colors are hits in decorating. Such a combination is the optimal base to start decorating both the room of a teenager and smaller children.

The best bed for simblings

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The same principle of selecting a palette applies to children's furniture. Let's opt for white or natural wood. Choosing these colors will make us have more room for improvement later on, they are colors that match practically any color that we will use later in accessories. In addition, light neutral colors are ideal if we have a small room for siblings, as they will not darken the space. Such a soft base will also work great if we have in mind a common room for a boy and a girl. These colors will not arouse rebellion in either gender :)

Bunk bed or two separate beds?

How to arrange a room to provide a comfortable and safe place for children to sleep? If only the age of toddlers allows it, we always recommend a bunk bed. Such a piece of furniture is multifunctional. It saves a lot of space in a small room. We have one such bed in the studio. Polish brand Inmondo Wooden, classic, bright. See our gallery with arrangements, because with such a piece of furniture (plus our wallpapers) you can conjure up wonders!

Beds for SimblingsHide and Seek Rabbits Dekornik Wallpaper.

The choice between bunk beds and separate beds for two children in a small apartment depends on many factors, including family preferences, the age of the children, available space and other individual needs. Keep in mind, however, that separate beds for children take up much more space. Although they can make it easier for children to express their individuality.

Storage in a room for two children

Multifunctional furniture and storage furniture is a "must" in a comfortable room for two children because things just accumulate twice as much. Clever systems for storing toys or clothes are the basis. We rely on IKEA's Trovast systems because they are timeless. So is IKEA's PAX clothes storage system. If you don't have such customized furniture, keep in mind useful tricks like containers under beds, baskets (as an extra place to store toys and other things that children are not supposed to have access to), fastening systems over desks or tables.

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Thanks to them, order will be much easier to maintain. This is especially important for a small room for two children. A small room for siblings can also be functionally arranged with the use of suitable multifunctional furniture: a folding chair, a folding desk, a closet in the wall. These are just a few of the ideas for preparing a sibling room.

Colors in the room, contrasting accessories - preparing the room of siblings

How to arrange a shared room for a boy and a girl? Dividing a children's room with colors and accessories is a great idea, especially if you live in a block of flats or have a small space to arrange. After all, every extra piece of furniture limits the space for play and mischief! We probably don't need to emphasize that for us, the ideal solution for dividing the children's space will be children's wallpaper or wall stickers. For a slightly larger sibling room, more colorful children's wallpaper will work well.

A small sibling room can be decorated with stickers for a girl, such as Swans, or for a boy, such as Rocket Stickers. With a bunk bed, wall stickers are the optimal choice, as one set can be mounted on top, the other on the bottom. In this way we will emphasize the individual character of each child. As you can see, a room for two is not at all some very difficult task. The most important thing is to listen to the children and follow their preferences. After all, they are the ones who will be in the room most often.

Wall stickers for simblings - How to decorate the perfect room for siblings?Wallstickers: Deer in the circle DEKO.CIRCLE.001

Remember that children must have at least a piece of the room designated as theirs. So that they can identify with it: as the mentioned before bed. Here we recommend a bed with a pull-out drawer or a desk, a table with an armchair, a shelf. This is where there must be a place for their beloved motifs or toys. Even if we have a small room for two children, it is worthwhile to separate zones just with the help of colors, or the previously mentioned accessories.

And where do I hide in a common room?

Everyone needs privacy, including a child, and especially in a shared children's room. That's why we urge you to buy a screen, a teepee, a lightweight cabinet - in short: something with which you can quickly and effortlessly build a private zone. It doesn't have to be a partition wall right away...

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The idea is to create a safe place for the child, a personal zone. That your kid can hide and read a book, arrange (by himself) blocks or watch a story. A screen or teepee ( like the one in the photo) doesn't have to be set up all the time, but it's good to have them close at hand. When your parents are watching the news in the next room, the dog is giving signals that it's time for a walk, and your brother has just turned on a computer game,  sometimes you need to hide.

Inspiration and tips from Dekornik

Check out our gallery of rooms for siblings with bunk beds. Here we have rooms for two boys as well as a room for girls. We hope that with these five simple tips you will create a comfortable shared room for your children, which will preserve the individuality of each child. And when it comes to choosing wallpaper and wall decals when arranging a room for siblings, we remain at your service.