Top 7 Navy Blue Wallpapers with Floral/Forest Prints

Top 7 Navy Blue Wallpapers with Floral/Forest Prints

This is something special.We think we are the only company that has so many wallpaper in this color. And for children. And with NOT SO OBVIOUS prints. Forrest / animals/ floral prints are rarely used on a navy blue background. But we do it almost every time we create a new floral print, we try to match it with this dark surface. If it fits - perfect! And those are our favourite navy blue NOT SO OBVIOUS wallpapers. Yet widely popular.

1. SLEEPY ANIMALS WALLPAPER (CLICK HERE). This is actually our first cooperation with KasiaGS, one of our illustrator. This wallpaper exists also on a beige background but to our surprise this color is more popular among our clients!

2. CLOVER NAVY BLUE WALLPAPER (CLICK HERE) from our newest spring collection Return to Innocence.

3. RABBITS GROOVE (CLICK HERE) dense and lovely print. Also very popular.

4. PEONIES WALLPAPER (CLICK HERE). Our classic, four years with us and still a hit. Not only for kids rooms.

5. PARADISE LEAVES WALLPAPER (CLICK HERE) A wallpaper our Paulina (coowner of Dekornik) chose for her little daughter.

6. CUTE FOREST ANIMALS (CLICK HERE). Our new version of animal print with the dark background. Created in 2020. An instant hit!

7. FRENCH MEADOW (CLICK HERE). Deep and dark navy blue background and delicate, small pattern. Little folk, little french, very nice.