10 Best Wallpapers for girls rooms

10 Best Wallpapers for girls rooms

"What a girl wants? What a girl needs?" Well, if it comes to wallpapers, we pretty much know. We have quite a few years of experience and we can tell tell you that a little bit of flowers, a little bit of warm colours (pink, orange, beige, yellow) or some cute creatures from the forest - it is the best choice for a little princess. Not too tacky but a universal and  classy choice. Oh, and you (a mum) will love them too :)

Look at our selection of the best wallpaper for girls, below:

10. Animals White Wallpaper (CLICK HERE)

We start with a very classy choice. This wallpaper is perfect no matter what age your little beauty is. It will NEVER go out of fashion and fits every room - no matter what style and colour it is. Very popular choice.

9. Paradise Garden Twigs Wallpaper (CLICK HERE)

Our first "upside down" wallpaper. When we put it in our showroom and took some picture, mums went crazy! It looks spectacular, like a true paradise.

8. Cute Forest Animals Wallpaper (CLICK HERE)

Our newest wallpaper with animals and a hit from the first day! This one fits nurseries, especially those with natural wooden or wicker furniture. But we've seen it as well in room of 4-, 5- tear old children. LAlways looks perfect.

7. Magic Swans Wallpaper (CLICK HERE)

If you want a subtle wallpaper that will create an aura of magic in the room - this is a choice for you. Beige background with clouds and stars. For nurseries as well as for rooms of older children. As long as your little princess likes fairytales.

6. Savanna Wallpaper (CLICK HERE)

What a choice! A bestseller from the get-go. Perfect choice if you have a shared room for your kids or they like to spend time together in one room. Can't go wrong with that one. And as we wrote in a previous post - warning! - kids do not want to change this wallpaper... ever!

5. Autumn Meadow Wallpaper (CLICK HERE)

Dense pattern with big flowers in warm colour. A favourite choice of mums. Looks wonderful with wicker, bamboo furniture.

4. Birds Wallpaper (CLICK HERE)

This wallpaper is with us for 3 years now and it's a non-stop hit. Perfect if you have a little princess but maybe the room will change it's owner in some time. No need to change the wallpaper then...

3. Australian Summer Wallpaper (CLICK HERE)

You've probably seen this pattern before. We admit it's not our design, but when we saw this pattern on some children clothes, we had to by rights for it! This is a universal wallpapers with huuuge flowers. Very... australian (for us) :)

2. Pink Garden Wallpaper (CLICK HERE)

If your little prefers pink than yellow - no other choice. Again, it's a perfect wallaper no matter what age your baby is.

1. Floral Vintage (CLICK HERE)

It's one of our oldest wallpaper and a total hit ever since. We have decorated thounsand of room with this one. Very delicate, sophisticated, sweet, goes with all the colours of the room. To flats and to houses, small and big spaces. Simply a perfect choice.