Top 10 wallpapers for Boy's room

Top 10 WALLPAPERS for Boy's room.

We have tons of questions about boys wallpapers. this pick is a little bit more difficult than to choose a wallpaper for a girl. In the latter case mums and daughters mostly agree. In the case of boy's room a mum mostly wants something different than a huge image of Spiderman or  favourite footballer.

Below you will find our best 10 wallpaper that we think will suit your son's room perfectly. We have decorated thousands of rooms with these prints and we have heard no complaints whatsoever ;)

Let the countdown begin:

10. Magic Celebration gray-blue (CLICK HERE)

Best if you expect a little one or for boys from 1 to 3 years old.

9. Rabbits groove Dark  (CLICK HERE)

Very popular navy blue background. Suits every room and for children in every age. One of mum's favourite.

8. Underwater World (CLICK HERE)

For little explorers. Fantastic if you have a theme-decorated room. The pattrern is NOT too strong, it's delicate, subtle, magical.

7. Happy Dinos (CLICK HERE)

This is of course a proposition for little future archeologists. We have dozens of pictures with some veeeeery happy 3 - 4 years old fellas with this dino background!

6. Magic Cosmos (CLICK HERE)

Fan-ta-stic wallpaper for every future space explorer, from 1 to 4 years old. If you have a little older child, keep reading...

5. Animals White (CLICK HERE)

Our total hit! Aestetic, subtle, original and growing-with-your-child wallpaper. No matter what age, no matter what colours in the room, always fits!

4. Balloons Adventure (CLICK HERE)

For mamy monts this was our best-selling wallpaper. Very elegant, fairytale-like wallpaper. We've seen it in nurseries as well as in rooms of 5 years old boys.

3. Savanna (CLICK HERE)

Bestseller from the first day. Children just looove this wallpaper, they say HI to the animals and... (it's a kind of a warning) they don't want to change it... ever!

2. Cosmos (CLICK HERE)

We've seen this print in a wonderful twin nursery with white cribs (heaven!) and in a room of an elementary school student. That is why it is our number 2 on the list - it is universal and can stay for many years in the room. Dark (no stains), in a very trendy navy blue colour.

1 Magic Planes (CLICK HERE)

This is a wallpaper our clients (and their children) went crazy for. We love it. It creates such a magical aura in the room. Pastel, delicate, cloudy, old style planes... it all goes togerther. When we first applied this wallpaper for the photoshoot we went... mute. We recommend it 100%, satisfation guaranteed!

Hope this article was helpful in choosing the best wallpaper for boy's room.