What is actually a Behind the Bed wallsticker and do I really need it?

What is actually a Behind the Bed wallsticker and do I really need it?

Behind-the-bed wall sticker is our invention. We have created it few years ago, painted or chose special prints and carefully chose the technology behind it.

What does it actually mean and how did it came about?

Few years back we were collecting many questions from mums if our wall stickers are "washable", if they can remove all the stains or dust with a wet cloth. The answer was always yes but they are not as resistant as they should be when applied near the bed, desk or in the corridor. But we accepted the challenge. After few months of testing different materials, we finally found the solution. We create our BEHIND-THE-BED wall stickers with a foil with strong glue and then we laminate it with the most secure material possible. The glue has to be strong because the laminate makes the wall sticker much heavier and with a lighter, more delicate glue it might just fall off the wall. But the laminate also prevents the material from getting scratched or permanently dirty. It should be cleaned gently but the probability of damaging the sticker is minimal.

So if you have a wall in your child's room that gets dirty a lot and would need extra protection, here are some suggestions for you:

1. SLEEP MY LITTLE DEER Behind-the-bed wallsticker (CLICK HERE)

2. SLEEP MY LITTLE RABBIT Behind-the-bed wallsticker (CLICK HERE)

It a series that also includes a SLEEPY LYNX. A hit from the first day. Very charming.

3. LIFE IN THE CITY Behind-rthe-bed wallsticker (CLICK HERE) First we made wall stickers sets with this motif but we got so many questions about our special behind-the-bed sticker that we just couldn't say no. So we created it!

4. MEADOW COLOUR Behind-the-bed wallsticker (CLICK HERE) is our most popular sticker of this type. Perfect in a rustic style room.

5. PORTICELLO Behind-the-bed wallsticker (CLICK HERE) This one is fantastic because you can apply the parts altogether or separately as in the pictures below. A delicate wall sticker bringing back the memories of summer.

6. STORIES FROM THE SEA Behind-the-bed wallsticker (CLICK HERE). This is the first time we did a wall sticker in the shape of a circle. And it gave us an idea for another collection of... big circles. But this behind-the-bed wallstciker is magical., it has a wonderful range of vintage warm colours, looks completely like an illustration from an old book.

7. MARRY-GO-ROUND Behind-the-bed wallsticker (CLICK HERE) As you can see in the picture below, these wall stickers do not have to be put near the bed. Any place where the surface is often dirty, they will do a perfect job!