Introducing the Most Versatile Wallpaper Collection Yet from Dekornik

Dekornik owners Kasia and Paulina shows new samples

We would like to introduce the newest wallpaper collection in Dekornik. If you want to know more about our new wallpaper collection, we invite you to read this article!   

Description: Portofino Stripes Blue

Discover the New Dekornik Collection: Unveiling Our Main Inspirations

Our latest wallpaper collection has been inspired by our travels to the most beautiful and holiday regions of Europe, mainly Italy and France. Together with Dekornik wallpapers you will discover the charm of places like Provence or Tuscany. Ready for the unknown?   

Dekornik Owners
Kasia on the left, Paulina (on the Right)

But before we get into the details, we have to unlock a little secret. Well, the choice of geographical directions in this Dekornik wallpaper collection was no accident. Our graphic designer and first owner, Kasia, fell in love with the coastal landscapes of sunny Italy, while our second owner, Paulina, remains faithful to the charm of cinematic France. Now you know what inspired Kasia to name the new Dekornik wallpapers!   

Flowers wallpaper for a girl's room - Sunshine all year round  

Wallpapers with a flower motif are often chosen for girls' rooms. Our Dekornik wallpaper collection could not do without this beautiful motif. Each wallpaper tells a holiday story and gives the room the right aura.   

Flowers Wallpapaer for child's room Dekornik DaisesNew Wallpaper from Dekornik: Tuscan Daisies Pink Wallpaper ( on the left) Tuscan Daisies Blue Wallpaper ( on the right)

If you want to feel the atmosphere of sunny Tuscany in your daughter's room, take a look at our latest collection of wallpapers with flowers. These beautiful motifs will take your thoughts to the Ligurian or Mediterranean Sea. Together with the daisy wallpapers, you will be able to enjoy the views of sunny Tuscany, known for its most beautiful landscapes. We are sure that our daisy wallpaper will bring joy and a sunny mood to your daughter's room!   

The flower wallpaper is a stunning wall adornment for a girl's, teenager's, and woman's room...

However, if you are looking for a more classic and romantic wallpaper to decorate your daughter's room, be sure to check out this item: Night in Livorno green and blue wallpaper. The wallpaper is named after the Italian city of Livorno, a beautiful port city in sunny Tuscany that is a popular tourist destination. If you like this wallpaper, we also have a wallpaper called Days in the Alps( bellow on the  photos) with the same pattern but with a softer background.   

New wallpaper for child's room: Days in the Alps - (on the left) Night in Livorno blue wallpaper (on the right)

Stripes wallpaper - for lovers of classics and marine climate!   

Especially for lovers of marine climate, we have prepared a striped wallpaper inspired by the most beautiful harbour town - Portofino. Striped wallpaper in harbour colours such as blue, green or multicoloured will look great in both a boy's and a girl's room. The blue stripes, or Portofino Stripes Blue Wallpaper, make a wonderful wall decoration for a boy's room or a lover of seaside vibes. They work perfectly with white furniture to give the room a more nautical feel, or with dark furniture to give a beautiful vintage look to a child's or parent's room.   

Our striped wallpaper from the new Dekornik collection will show you the charms of Italy. Mornings in Italy start with coffee with milk and a croissant. Thanks to our striped wallpaper, you will feel the aroma of delicious, freshly ground Italian coffee. 

Let this Italian flavour linger even longer. It's all thanks to this decoration: Portofino Stripes Cappuccino wallpaper. And for those with a sweet tooth, we have a caramel version, the Portofino Stripes Caramel wallpaper. For the girls, of course, a classic but not too girly pink, we suggest the Portofino Stripes Pink Wallpaper.

Description: Portofino Stripes Pink Wallpaper.

This collection definitely belongs to the stripes, as the patterns presented are so graceful that you can easily fit them into almost any room. In addition, stripes visually slim down and enlarge a room, adding optical length. They are the perfect solution for small children's rooms.   

New Dekornik collection - Checkered wallpaper: French style and timeless classics!   

Let's go back to our inspiration, the sunny beaches, for a moment. The striped wallpaper called Saint Tropez Stripes was inspired by the sunny and cinematic Saint Tropez. It was there that we met the hilarious Luis De Fugne as an awkward gendarme. This French town also discovered the enchanting Bridget Bardot, so our wallpaper is both fun and elegant! It is a classic but versatile decoration. You can combine it with up to four colours: navy blue, caramel, beige and white.   

Description: Chic Saint Tropez Stripes Wallpaper

Checked Wallpaper for Children's Room - Provence, Land of Delicious Cuisine and Variety  

Let's move on... The Provence checked wallpapers are inspired by the diversity of Provence, which opens up to visitors with fragrant fields of lavender and then invites them to discover secrets in the ruins or on a trip to the mountains! For us, Provence is all about aromatic herbs, delicious dishes and a beautiful checked pattern on tables and curtains.    

Description: Provence check beige pink BIG i Provence check beige blue BIG 

The checked wallpaper in our new collection, in blue for boys and pink for girls, comes in up to three check sizes, from a small, playful children's check to a medium and elegant large check. All in beautiful pastel shades, including beige. It has to be said that beige still reigns supreme on the walls!   

Wallpaper perfect for girls' and women's rooms - combination of stripes and flowers 

Moving on from checked wallpaper, we come to our variation, the combination of striped wallpaper and floral wallpaper. Such a combination was an excellent idea, as the first comments on .... show.    

Yes, as you can read in the wallpaper description, this is our variation of colours and patterns, perfect for a little girl's room. The stripes look great in a small room, adding space, while the flowers are a very girly motif! We think the effect is really lovely!     

Description: French Cottage Flowers wallpaper.   

In conclusion   

We hope that the new Dekornik collection will find a place in your hearts and in your children's rooms. We are very happy about it. As you can see, these names are no coincidence. Dekornik wallpapers are original designs and each of our patterns tells an extraordinary story and brings magic to the room where it is used.    

You should know that our graphic designer - Kasia a.k.a. Bachor - had one main goal when creating this collection: to keep a positive image of summer in children's rooms! So we wish you beautiful arrangements!    

Let the best memories of the summer stay not only in your mind, but also on your wall. Or maybe you haven't had a chance to visit these corners of Europe yet, or haven't heard of them? Our collection of contemporary wallpapers is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the geography of these regions.