5 things Not to do while decorating future nursery

5 things Not to do while decorating future nursery

Our beloved architect Bogna Pilch who has alredy designed and decorated dozens of nurseries reveals 5 things that should always be remembered when decorating a child's room. Bogna: "These are 5 foundations that will greatly facilitate space management for the next few years. Simple rules to remember ."

1. NO STORAGE SPACE. Every child has a lot of toys, and only more with age. Shelves, open shelves display what we want to show, but also what we want to hide. Make sure the shelves have storage bins and the cabinets have lockable doors. Thanks to this, it will be easier for the child to clean up and control the chaos :)

2. TOO FLASHY COLOURS The colors are cool, you can go crazy in a child's room. But instead of flashy pink or red on the walls, choose soft, neutral colors that form the basis. Choose a wallpaper for one of the walls and colorful accessories. Thanks to this, the room will not tire your eyesight or give the impression of a mess. The excess of stimuli affects the problems with concentration.

3. NO SHADING Each of us wants a bright room with lots of sunshine. But we cannot forget about the second function of the room: sleep / relax. It has been proven that the brightness of a room affects the quality of sleep, so the darker the better. Make sure that there are blackout blinds or curtains in the room.

4. FURNITURE THAT CHILDREN WILL GROW TOO QUICKLY FROM Often buying products that we comment on "now" without thinking about whether the child will feel in the room in 3-5 years. Let's focus on furniture that grows with the child. An assembled bed with the function of an anector, a sliding chest of drawers with a motto with a changing table, only some of them and checking it is worth considering in the first choice.

5. NO SEPARATED AREAS Even in a small room, we are able to separate a zone of sleep / relaxation and play / learning. Thanks to this, it will be easier for the child to concentrate on what he is doing at the moment. It will be easier for him to fall asleep without having a whole arsenal of Lego bricks with him