A Dolls' house - the best gift for a child

The Dekornik doll’s house

In the world of children’s dreams and colourful adventures, there is one gift that is quintessentially a girl’s toy, and that is – a doll’s house. It is a magical place where every little dreamer can build her own kingdom of imagination.

Today, together with Dekornik, we will invite you to the world of fairy tales and find out why the dolls’ house is such a hit among gifts for girls? I invite you on a journey to a land where every corner is full of charm and surprises!

Doll HouseThe dolls’ house helps stimulate children’s creativity and imagination

A doll’s house is not just a toy. It is a magical place where a child’s imagination can flourish. A girl can create her own stories, create characters and play different roles. It’s a great way to develop her creativity and awaken her artistic interests. In addition, our dolls’ house is without furniture included and without coloured walls.

This further activates the child to create her own space

Your little one can decorate them according to his or her own ideas, put wallpaper on the wall, paint the walls with crayons or paint… make the floor out of ice cream sticks or pieces of paper. Anything goes!

Sample of Wallpaper for decorate doll house
Description: Dolls’ house decorating suggestions from prostehistoryjki – with paintings by Van Gogh so we can get the young artist interested in art. If not Van Gogh then our Dekornik wallpaper samples are great for decorating a doll’s house: CLICK HERE TO BUY SAMPLES OF OUR WALLPAPERS

Dollhouse play develops social skill

Playing with dolls in the house promotes the development of social skills in the child. Through interaction with the dolls and other children, the toddler learns to share, cooperate and develops communication skills.

Description: The Dekornik dolls’ house has wide passages between the rooms, so that the child can fit not only the furniture through them, but also her hand, and can play more realistically and not, as in other houses, the doll has to walk through the walls like a ghost.

Decoration and toy in one – Dekornik wooden plywood house

 The Dekornik dolls’ house is not only a place to play, but also a true masterpiece of design. Made of the highest quality plywood, it presents itself elegantly and stylishly. It fits perfectly into any room, adding a unique charm to it.The Dekornik doll’s house fits into any style of room, it’s a beautiful decoration and a toy in one – it also fits mice Maileg.

A long-lasting gift that has no expiry date or age restriction – doll’s house. The Dekornik’s doll’s house is a toy but also a beautiful room decoration. It will look both beautiful in a child’s room and in the living room of a grandmother or young mother.

Maileg Mouse doll house
Descripition: Dekornik dollhouse is compatible with maileg toys – Maileg mice look wonderful in it.

A child’s toy without plastic – ecology and climate Monttesori

Toys made of wood are ecological, they do not litter our planet with tons of plastic. Wood is the best raw material for children’s toys and at the same time teaches children respect for nature.The plywood from which the doll’s house is made is a really durable material and comes from Poland. It is thanks to the quality that we give our word that the gift will be enjoyed by the child for years to come. A dolls house not just for girls as you can see in the picture thanks to babywohnbar we can see that it’s also a super garage for cars.

Wooden Doll house for boys
The dolls’ house from Dekornik is a durable construction, but it is not glued, it is assembled, no screws, no tape, no screwdrivers, everything can be assembled by yourself in less than 10 minutes and taken apart. Designed to make life easier for us parents – designed by a woman. What the kids love most about our cottages is the spaciousness, and the handle that parents can grab and move the cottage to another location, without disturbing the structure so eagerly created throughout the day.


The Dekornik doll’s house is not just a ready-made toy. You can customise it to your little princess’s preferences by painting, decorating or adding your own decorative elements. It’s the perfect way to personalise your gift and make it even more special.

Doll House wooden toy
Dekornik dolls’ house can be decorated according to your own tastes. If you are looking for other gift ideas for a girl, or a gift for a boy take a look at the previous article. HERE!

A doll’s house is a gift for a little girl – Top reasons why you must have one!

The whole project was designed by the main owner and founder Dekornik Catherine aka ‘Bachor’.

>It is versatile – there is no other like it in the world of children’s toys
>It is durable, as our customers can attest to, as children very often make our house into an additional seating area…
>It’s beautiful – you have to give it credit for that, it has its own charm and fits in with any interior, whether the room is decorated in a modern, classic or other style >– this dolls’ house gift for a little girl will be a beautiful decoration for her room!

The whole project was designed by the main owner and founder Dekornik: Catherine aka ‘Bachor’.


In summary the Dekornik’s wooden plywood doll’s house is not just a great Christmas present – it’s a gift that develops imagination, teaches social values and provides hours of unforgettable fun. Make these gifts for your little girl magical and special. In a word, give her a doll’s house that opens the door to an endless land of adventure!

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