Have a IKEA Trofast storage in your kid's room. Here's the way to arrange it with wallpapers!

IKEA Dekornik

There is no limit to what you can do with this Ikea furniture, is it? It goes well with scandinavian style, french, vintage or modern. We have collected your pictres, pictures that our clients have sent us, and have chosen the most interesting room arrangements with our wallpapers and Ikea universal storage.

Have a look:

1. Scandinavian boy's room

This is the origin of Ikea style. Subtle colour, bright, natural wood, geometric simple shapes. That's what we all Ikea from. But let's break the rules a little bit and add a forest pattern. Just to make it more fun!


2. Romantic girls room

Who would expect such a pair: a floral pink wallpaper and geometric wooden storage. And - suprisingly - it goes together so well.

Trofast Ikea wallpaper Dekornik tapeta girl room pokój dziewczynki Wallpaper: PINK GARDEN



3. Fun boy's room

Dinosaurs, gymnastic ladder, a place to draw and play and one to... storage. Our dino wallpaper with it's clean and pastel design would be a perfect background to storage all the colourful toys!

Dino dinosaur wallpaper for kids, tapeta w dinozaury dla dzieci Wallpaper: HAPPY DINOS 

... and one more proposition: we know it's not a wallpaper but doesn't this long furniture and our Circle Plane wall sticker look great!? Just have a look:

Wall stickers with planes, plane wall sticker, wall sticker with plane, naklejka samolot, samolot dla dzieci, naklejki samoloty Wallsticker: PLANE IN A CIRCLE

4. Anyone with siblings? 

We have chosen the most universal wallpaper for this one. Our Savanna. Two beds, a little space to play and a lot of animals. Perfect combination.

Trofast Ikea wallpaper Dekornik tapeta kids room siblings pokój dziecka rodzeństwo Wallpaper: SAVANNA Boy's room with jungle wallpaper, Pokoik chłopca z tapetą dżungla. Półeczki na książki dla dziecka. Pucio. JUNGLE MINISHELVES (click on the picture above to see products)[/caption]


5. More jungle?

This time a bird's bush! We love this wallpaper and thanks to our clients now we know we don't have to be afraid of such a dense pattern.

Trofast Ikea wallpaper Dekornik tapeta boy kids room minimal pokój dziecka dziecięcy pokój boho tapeta w ptaki birds wallpaper Wallpaper: BIRDS BUSH 

6. IKEA and vintage style

Who would have thaought? This room from Poland shows that Trofast doesn't have to be complete, it doesn't have to be bought with containers as a set. We can just fill it with lovely cotton or sisal baskets to give it a little bit of retro look. We love it!

[caption id="attachment_45097" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Trofast Ikea wallpaper Dekornik tapeta kids room minimal pokój dziecka dziecięcy retro vintage Wallpaper: SIMPLY DAISIES MOCCA 

6. For small spaces

Superclever bed, storage below and a smart way to put wallpaper and not to darken the room. White paneling, cinnamon check wallpapers, light furnitures (Trofast with white containers) and colourful detailing. Well done!

Trofast Ikea wallpaper Dekornik tapeta kids room minimal pokój dziecka dziecięcy Wallpaper: SMALL CINNAMON CHECK