Golden architect's tips when decorating a baby's room

Golden architect's tips when decorating a baby's room

You always have questions for us for advice on decorating and furnishing your baby's room. That is why we asked our beloved architect, Bogna Pilch, what golden advice and general rules should be followed when arranging each child's room. Here they are:

1. If possible, divide the room into zones of sleep, play, study...

2. Furniture higher than the one on which the child can freely use us, be should be attached to the wall.

3. Furniture that does not have to come from one producer and collection. Choose variety. You can look for second-hand pearls that will require minor adjustments, such as sanding and repainting. I combine vintage furniture with those with a net, such as Ikea.

4. Bet on lighting. Soft lighting by the bed, good lighting to keep work, central lighting preferably in advance for the entire room.

5. Involve the child in the design game (if he or she is big enough) and ask your child what he or she likes and look at the pictures with inspirations prepared by you earlier.

6. Choose a theme and stick to it!

7. If you do not want to change the arrangement of the room too often, think about the future and choose furniture that grows with a child / module.

8. Place toys and books at a height that the child can easily use.