The Most Popular Flower Motives - Your favourite

The Most Popular Flower Motives - Your favourite

Recently we've asked you on our Instagram profile: WHAT YOU LIKE? Do you prefer big motives or small, wallpapers or wall stickers? And we've got the answers.

This is why we've chosen 4 wallpapers and one of the most popular wall sticker and we will lead you by the hand and explain where those motives fit best. In what rooms they will be a perfect match!

1 Bouqet - lilac and violet

For who: for all the girls! Lilac for the nursery and the darker one to a room of a 3-5 years old child.

Big or small surface: We also recommend the lilac version for big walls and the violet one - for small surface.

Note from Us: Recently this is one of the most popular wallpaper although it is fairly new in our shop!

Where to find it: Bouquet of flowers - lilac Wallpaper  and VIOLET HERE

2 Pink Garden

For who: for all the girls no matter what age!

Big or small surface: Absolutely the whole wall! Flowers are really big so this wallpaper needs a proper space. It is also very delicate (very pastel) so you do not need to worry about the size of the room.

Note from Us: This is our most popular in... France. It even has been shown few time on television!

Where to find it: Pink Garden

3 Paradise Pastel Garden 

For who: for all the girls, again!

Big or small surface: This wallpaper is perfect for all the spaces as you can see in the pictures below. It has a lot of white surface therefore it will just create a magic, paradise mood. It will not dominate the surface and this is why we love this motive.

Note from Us: This wallpaper waited a loooong time to become a bestseller. In fact the first time we tried to apply it in our showroom the guys who were supposed to place it on the wall did it... upside down. And so we had to apply it for the second time. But  - paraphrasing the old saying - second time is a charm! Right now it's one of our most popular ones.

Where to find it: Paradise Garden 

4 Austrialian Summer

For who: girls, girls, girls!

Big or small surface: Looks best on big walls.

Note from Us: It's a strong pattern unlike Pink Garden or Paradise Garden. It is graphic, warm and massive. Creates a fantastic bohemian, gypsy mood in the room so it goes with natural colors.


5 Behind The Bed Wallstickers: MEADOW COLOUR

For who: this wallsticker is for boys and girls!

Big or small surface: if looks perfect in small rooms, brightens up the space

Note from Us: This wall sticker is a hit from day one. It's very subtle and "happy" - that the adjective we would use to describe it. Whenever we put a picture with this Meadow on our Instagram profile it collects lots of "likes". The picture with a blue wall comes from our showroom and it's been the for 3 years now.

Where to find it: MEADOW COLOUR HERE