Our 8 Goals for 2023!

Our 8 Goals for 2023!

We have a feeling that 2023 will be special. As always we've prepared an ambitious and precise plan what we should and will do this year in Dekornik.

Are you on board?

1. We start our Pinterest and TikTok Channel
Have a look at our new channels! If you're not a big fan of Facebook or Instagram and you prefer other sources of inspiration, here we are!

2. We introduce PayPo for the polish market in january and Klarna for all other markets in spring
We are currently negociating with Klarna to allow secure posponed payments in our shop. We know Klarna is an extremaly popular method of payment therefore in spring we want to facilite shopping in our boutique for you.

3. We will welcome spring with lovely flowers
New small collection is comming very soon! 5-6 new patterns that will steal your heart. All floral, all made by KasiaGS. We promise they are worth to wait!

4. We try to be more and more ECO
We are aware that almost no business is a clean&green business but we do what we can to make Dekornik more eco and sustainable. In spring we will demonstrate actions that we have taken to make our production as green as possible.

5. We produce more withing our organization
in addition to point 5 (above) we move wallpapers and wallstickers production to our own workshop. Previously we had 3 printing houses dedicated to produce our products, now we are slowly moving towards our own printing house we can be in charge of each aspect of production.

6. You will see a softer side of Dekornik...
Yes we help. We help for many years now. Desinterestedly. We did not comunicate it openly and we do not take any tax deduction from it :) However you know we love children and we really think EVERY child should have beautiful childchood. And if our wallpapers help just a little in making this period of like nicer, we're glad. We will reveal a little bit more in april.

7. We focus on wallpapers!
No matter what we do, what we invent, sell, or ask you about we always hear the same... You want more wallpapers! So this is what we are going to focus on. Expect many many maaaany more patterns in 2023.

8. We will travel!
This year, as the pandemic is over, we start to travel. We hope to find new markets and new resellers. As a result we intend to be more international in 2024. And you know we always stick to what we say :)