Discover the Top 6 Most Beautiful Green Wallpapers for a Kid's Room

Discover the Top 6 Most Beautiful Green Wallpapers for a Kid's Room

Dear Mums, isn't the colour green an extremely graceful choice for a baby's room?

We think so, because green combines the harmony of nature with the joy of childhood. It is the colour that heralds rebirth, spring, green is the colour of hope that we all need to live!

Green wallpaper makes the nursery a place where children want to be. It helps to create a creative environment that promotes healthy development - and that's not all the benefits of this colour! Take a look at the main characteristics of green and then help us choose the most beautiful green wallpaper for your nursery.

5 reasons why green is the best colour for a nursery

Before we get into the nitty-gritty... Let's start by finding out why green is the right colour for a nursery? Well, there are several reasons why you should consider this colour for your little one's room! The colour green has its own calming qualities, which is conducive to a child's restful sleep, but not only...

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  • Green is the colour of nature: Plants and the environment around us are green. Being in a green room relaxes and soothes the senses, which can be beneficial to a child's development and has a positive effect on mood, concentration and regeneration.
  • Brings harmony to the room: Green wallpaper promotes balance and harmony. For children who are often full of energy and emotion, green can have a calming effect, helping them to relax and concentrate. Ideal for times when we are overstimulated.
  • Creativity: Green is also associated with creativity and imagination. For children who develop through play and exploration, green inspires and stimulates learning!

Vintage Illustration Wallpaper

  • Eye-friendly: Light shades of green are easy on the eyes and do not cause fatigue, helping to create a calm atmosphere in the nursery, especially at bedtime. It's a pleasant environment for sleeping!
  • Universal colour: The green colour is universal and suitable for both boys' and girls' rooms. It is easy to combine with other colours, giving you a wide range of interior design options.

Discover the 6 best green wallpapers for your child's room

Spring is the best time of the year and you're probably looking forward to the sunshine! But we can make spring a permanent feature of your home! The secret lies in the right choice of accessories that can transform an average nursery into a fairytale space, a woodland room where you can invite your first guests. Discover our bestselling green designs for a nursery, although we think they work well in other rooms too.

Wallpaper Green with Animals: Birds and green spring

This wallpaper with birds and delicate twigs is a splash of colour. This wallpaper just feels like spring and makes you want to get out and about.

Wallpaper green minimalistic: Portofino stripes wallpaper

Stripes in pastel shades of green add a vintage touch to a child's room - while remaining subtle and elegant. Stripes are a timeless motif that works perfectly in a child's room. Green wallpapers with vertical or horizontal stripes in different shades of green will add elegance and a subdued feel to the room. In addition, stripes have the advantage of helping to visually enchant a space by adding volume.

Wallpaper green a new one: Forest animals and fairytale

Wallpaper with fairytale motifs, such as magical forests or fairies, will transport your child into a world of imagination and the most beautiful daydreams.Our forest wallpaper is both woodland and fairytale, and will help create a space full of magic and adventure! It will be the most beautiful background for your child's many exciting games, and the animals on the wallpaper will become your little one's best travel companions.

Forest animals and fairytale green Wallpaper Dekornik Forest animals and fairytale green Wallpaper Dekornik/  This is our new wallpaper, but we've already had a lot of requests for it and you can already see that it will become our bestseller.

Wallpaper green bestellers from years: Savana Adventure

Savana adventure wallpaper called by our customers: Elephant Wallpaper, or Giraffe Wallpaper... it's a mural,a masterpiece because the wallpaper creates a pattern on the wall that children can't take their eyes off of and not just them.

Although it is not a wallpaper with a typical green colouring, because it is on a white background, but green accents prevail, besides, when writing about Dekornik wallpapers we have to show our besteller - and the Savanna Wallpaper is our trademark.

Savanna Adventure Wallpaper

Wallpaper Green flowers: Leves Minimini/ Return to Innocent

Delicate small flowers Leves Mini mini : wallpaper in delicate flowers will be a perfect decoration for a child's room, especially a girl's room, we can say that this wallpaper has no age limit from 0 to 100 years! It is very versatile. Besides, you will match it to any space: starting from a newborn's room to an adult's bedroom. It's the same with furniture, it fits both classic and modern styles, it's this type of wallpaper that doesn't impose...

Leves Minimini/ Return to Innocent

Wallpaper dark green: Nights in Livorno Green Wallpaper

Dark floral wallpaper Nights in Livorno Green - dark green is extremely sensual, combined with classic style furniture it creates a room where it's nice to relax or read a book. This wallpaper is perfect for lampworking, combined with a lighter bottom it won't overshadow the room but will give it a child friendly look - we see it in forest children's rooms, or in a bookcase....

Wallpaper dark green: Night in Livorno


You already know that green wallpaper is a great choice for a child's room, especially if you're keen to maintain a woodland feel in your child's space. You already know which green wallpapers are conducive to toddlers and you've become well acquainted with our most beautiful green wallpapers, now let spring come to your home!

Dekornik wallpapers will bring peace, harmony and joy to your space. Discover your favourite designs today and create your dream space in which you will feel cared for.