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    Our Magnolias are a set of six wonderful flowers and are our new favorite pattern. We were looking for a similar product in Polish stores and we couldn’t find anywhere a wonderful leafy set that would boost both your creativity and the decor of the room. That is why we decided to design the set ourselves. Three large flowers as the basis of the composition while three additional smaller leaves complete the look.


    • L set will be perfect for a large wall next to a cradle or above the bed. A pastel but large and strong accent of the room decor.
    • S set is ideal if we have to decorate a play corner or a surface over a small table or a minidesk. This S set is an additional element for the room and not its main focus as the largest flower in this template is about 60 cm big.

    NOTE: This design is a fantastic solution if you still have a cradle in your master bedroom. Flowers will then perfectly separate the room space reserved for the child.

    Set L consists of:

    3 large flowers with dimensions: 96 cm, 70 cm, 54 cm
    3 small flowers measuring from 25 to 40 cm
    twig 40 cm high
    and 3 leaves measuring approx. 12 cm each

    Set S: consists of:

    3 large flowers, 65 cm, 50 cm and 36 cm
    3 small flowers measuring 17 to 27 cm
    twigs 27 cm high
    and 3 leaves measuring approx. 8-10 cm each

    In visualizations we used L sets and our star sets.

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    These wallstickers are enough to make the room a true fairytale.

    32 pieces applied on one wall in the room – for example over the bed – will change the atmosphere of the space. It will make it more cozy and warm.

    • Hearts with irregular shape are put on the stencil 30 x 50 cm
    • One piece is 6,5 cm high
    • There are 32 pieces on each stencil
    • Colour range extends from cappuccino brown through salmon to delicate pink

    Application is as simple as it should be. Just peel off each heart and place it gently on the wall. It also should be easy to peel off from the wall although it always depends on the paints, sun exposure and structure of the wall you have.

    Have fun!

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    Magic is everywhere, isn’t it?

    This collection is our answer to winter days. Let it be a gentle and childish fairytale. Let everyone find something for themselves, be it pastel swans flying in the creamy sky or a colorful retro carousel like on a Parisian square.

    Or maybe something more for boys: let’s look through the Galileo telescope at the planets or look into the future, into the world full of rockets and satellites. One thing is certain, we’re going straight to the stars! Only with our heads in the clouds we can do something wonderful. And this collection is to help all the little ones in this!

    The MAGIC IS EVERYWHERE collection was created by our two super talented illustrators: Kasia GS and Kasia Bachor. Two sizes of a delicate rainbow in the clouds is something that will brighten up any room.

    This sticker protects the wall area behind the bed – a feature that will surely appeal to parents and will provide wonderful dreams for their babies, too.


    • rainbow size M: 98 cm x 47 cm + additional cloud: 20 cm x 10 cm
    • rainbow size L: 133 cm x 64 cm + additional cloud: 26 cm x 12 cm
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    Peonies is a pattern made by a wonderful illustrator Kasia Goraj-Stróżyńskiej. First we decided to create a wallpaper with those wonderful flowers. Then we got so many messages from customers asking us to create wallstickers out of this pattern. And we followed this request, as always!

    This is a very delicate and vintage wallsticker in violet and soft pink shades. A perfect addition to a girl’s room.


    Peonies come in two sizes:

    size S: template 70 cm x 70 cm

    • biggest peonies measure 55 cm x 45 cm
    • smallest peonies measure 15 cm x 20 cm

    AVAILABILITY: Out of stock

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    CIRCLES are in two sizes:

    • size M: 150 cm x 150 cm – perfect above a cradle or small furniture

    Industrial evolution is our tribute to human achievements. We believe in people (especially the very young ones), we believe in our skills, wisdom and heart. This collection shows how much we have accomplished, that we’ve come a long way but we still have a lot to do. That is why you will find here stickers in the shape of the first planes and cars, a revolutionary invention of the steam train, factories and mills. But also a turn to the future: rockets, a futuristic green city, windmills and cars that will not pollute the air anymore.

    Technology is there to serve us, that’s why it was invented. We know that there is a bright horizon ahead of us, and that among our little history fans there are those who will change the course of the future for even more beautiful! Support your little geniuses!


    • Small size of the CIRCLE wall sticker (150 cm x 150 cm) is a good solution if you have a small bed next to a closet that covers a big part of the wall. Then this smaller size will fit perfectly as the bigger would be simply to wide and some parts would get covered by the closet.

    This is the collection made especially for those who think that a wallpaper is too big of a statement in the room. If your wall is 300 cm wide and you don’t want the whole surface to be too colorful – well, this is a solution for you.
    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask us: [email protected]

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    Our rulers combine practical and decorative features. Not only you can measure your child’s growth every day but you can also wonderfully decorate the room with them. The measuring chart reaches 150 cm and is 70 cm wide and is ideal for children from 0 to 12-13 year-olds. We also wanted to the design to be universal to steal the hearts of both kids and their parents. Your 10 year-old would be proud of it, too! And we know that children are very attached to our pets, they greet them in the morning and say goodbye before going to sleep.



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