Frequenly Asked Questions

Last Updated on February 29, 2018

Here you can find the answers for all mind-boggling questions about our materials, ways to apply and all technical details 🙂

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We produce our wallpapers on a special material that we have been looking for on the market for a very long time. It is a refined paper that beautifully reproduces colors. It is durable, matte and snow-white.

The material is certified non-flammable and meets all the requirements of the European Union.

We always prepare the wallpapers in vertical panels – stripes that measure 50 or 100 cm width (depending on the pattern).Wallpapers have no margins, so you apply the stripers just next to one another.

The paper is not self-adhesive, therefore we recommend using not solvent based glue to apply it. We especially recommend Flugger 377 glue (this is not an advertisement, we always use this product t in our studio,o apply wallpapers in our studio, hence the recommendation).

Before you apply wallpaper and any wall – please thoroughly prime the wall and clean the surface of dust or grease. Our wallpapers can be applied on the walls only after about 20 days from the last painting.


Most of our wallstickers are printed on a special polyester woven material that is created for wall decoration. We never use any advertisement or outdoor material but materials that are safe and properly adapted to it’s destined use.

Our materials are made with acrylic glue and has a block-out function which means that no color on the wall can be seen through our wallstickers or wallpapers.

It has a delicate surface structure (just like a any fashion material). This allows us to print the most beautiful colors and most lively looking animals, the quality of print is amazing.


Wall stickers from the BASIC category are made of one-color self-adhesive foil. It is a pattern in the color of your choice. The sticker is not a printout, it is only a cut out of the indicated shape from a one-color foil sheet.

Wall stickers have thinner material than previous group of wallstickers. They also have weaker glue (though strong enough to hold the wall without problems), thanks to which the application is faster. You can also remove them from the wall if you want to repaint it.

We print stickers from the OVER THE CRADDLE category on self-adhesive foil, covered with laminate. And this is because these stickers have additional functions: they are washable and effectively protect the wall against dirt and delicate mechanical damage.

Our wallstickers are very easy to apply and does not require any wet cloth or additional foil or glue. However the surface of a wallsticker can be scratched (though it’s not an easy task) therefore we recommend to use only hands or dry cloth for application. No wooden or sharp equipment is needed. The wallsticker has no transparent foil to help with application because there’s no need for that. It’s supersimple!

Before applying our wallsticker please make sure that the wall is properly primed. Then clean the surface from any dust or dirt.

Stickers look best on walls painted with acrylic paints. Then their adhesion and durability is perfect!

If the wall has been painted with latex paint, please make a simple test before buying. Just stick a 20-cm piece of office adhesive tape to the wall. Leave it on the wall for 24 hours. If the tape has not fallen off the wall and does not visibly peel off, there should also be no problems with the sticker. Please note that anything counts: the lever of sunlight on the wall, moisture in the house or sharp temperature changes. But in 99% of all the houses, they look perfect!

The only paints against which we advise against installing wall stickers are greasy, glossy, latex paints. Those intended e.g. for kitchen walls and requiring greasy structure to be washed frequently. Then it’s best to decide on a colored (printed) sticker or photo wallpaper, because these products are made on films with a much stronger adhesive.


The toy / piece of furniture is made of varnished plywood, because we do not want any splinters in a children’s toy. The varnish we use is water-based, so it is completely safe for children.

Most of our product include also stickers made from the same material we use for our decoration for walls. They are very easy to apply as the material is made for interior decor.

Absolutely true! No matter of it a big Fantasy Theatre (150 cm) or a small shelf, you do not need any additional elements or equipment to assemble. That’s the beauty of our products! And that was the basic idea – to create SAFE and EASY TO ASSEMBLE beautiful things. Things that will be great for kids as well as for parents!

Returns policy

Returns Policy

Yes, we do. We accept returns within 14 days of your order’s delivery. If 14 days have gone, unfortunatelly we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. Please also keep in mind that shipping costs are non-refundable. You will be responsable for the shipping cost incurred for returning the item.

All orders are packed and checked with highest attention. If  you recieve damaged package and it happened during shipping, please send an email to and include your order number and a photo of the damage. We will contact you as soon as possible.