vintage kids room vintage pokój dziecięcy

Vintage design is back! How to make a retro room for your child?

Even if you’re not a fan of vintage design for a whole house, aretro look for a kid’s room is just a classy touch. It never goes out of style (it’s already dated) and it’s really unexpensive to make. Just remember about few things:

1.Find a standout old furniture.

It can be a small wide chest of drawers or a huge wardrobe that will fit all your child’s treasures. Carved wooden beds are in great demand right now. Decorated with a canopy will make a signature vintage mark. Just go and look for them on your nearest flea market or search Ebay or Facebook Marketplace. What you do with your find is up to you – you can leave it in it’s natural shape or you can change it completely by e.g. painting it with bright or pastel colour.

Look below for inspiration:

vintage children room retro wallpaper daisies vintage pokój dziecka retro pokój tapeta

2. Stick to one colour palette:

Go with white, pastels or bright colous. Mixing these is a tricky job. But if you stick to beige palette (like the example below) and put a main furnite in other colour here: pastel – the effect will ALWAYS be stunning.

vintage kids room canopy wallpaper vintage pokój dla dziecka tapeta baldachim

Wallpaper: LITTLE BEARS (click on the picture to see product)

3. You don’t have to go all the way

Remember that to create a vintage effect you don’t have to have all the details dating back to 1900. Just one furniture and a couple fo details is enough. Two posters, a hanger, old books or pillows  – they will do the trick!

vintage baby room old wallpaper birds vintage pokoik dziecka stara tapeta w ptaki

Wallpaper: WHITE DUCKS (click on the picture to see product)

4. Vintage-looking wallpaper is always a good idea!

Birds, roses, magnolias, stripes – these are the patterns that will create a retro look. The more the better. Remember old houses and the rooms where wallpapers were practicaly on every wall? Choose the right pattern and create a unique look, don’t be afraid!

vintage baby room old wallpaper birds vintage pokoik dziecka stara tapeta

Wallpaper: BIRDS IN NIGHTSKY (click on the picture to see product)

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