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    This pattern was made … by accident. One day we sent a color sample to the printing house, because initially we wanted to make wallpapers in one-colored diamonds. However, when we received the sample and then put it on the wall to select the target colors, we decided that such a rainbow combination looks fantastic, even better. 

    That’s how our total hit came about: rainbow diamonds!

    The wallpaper is divided into stripes:

    • Height: 280 cm
    • Width: 100 cm

    These are strips that are suitable for every standard flat – we have a maximum waste of 20 cm in height.

    Ordering wallpapers in strips is faster and simpler. Just measure the wall and order the number of strips that suits us. Long-term consultations are not needed anymore. Here you can’t go wrong.

    The narrow wallpaper strips guarantee that the wallpaper will fit almost perfectly to the width of the wall. And the looped pattern – each of the straps looks identical – makes the pattern elements ideally arranged on the wall, if we glue the wallpaper from the ceiling. Thanks to this, there is very little surplus material.

    Any questions? Write to us:

    What is the wallpaper made from? For more technical details, please visit below:

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