Architects, enthusiasts, authors, TV and internet stars. Everyone came together to make a great guide for all mums.

35 pages of basic rules and original tricks that will make it easier to arrange a child’s room. We are sure that on the pages of this ebook you will find at least one piece of advice that will help you decide on furnishing or buying. Plus, lots of photos of real homes to inspire you to change.

And the stars are: 

  1. Agnieszka Witkowska, known as the Architect of Order will reveal super tricks on how to teach a child to clean 🙂
  2. Katarzyna Jaroszyńska, known from morning TV, passionate about beautiful interiors, will tell you how to store children’s memories, i.e. about patents for the so-called non-removable items.
  3. Anna Kuk-Dutka, star architect and her 5 golden rules when arranging a room. Simple, practical and to the point!
  4. Ola Ziarek, well-known architect and her mysteriously sounding Wabi Sabi style. Wabi Sabi concept is worth getting to know, because soon it will be everywhere.
  5. Magda Motrenko, created the most popular interior design channel on Youtube in Poland. He writes about window protection, the height of switches and the ideal construction of the wardrobe.

What should I do to get my “Super Tricks” book?

Just fill out the form below. And the ebook will be sent to your e-mail.


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