Life in the city behind-the-bed wallsticker


Small houses are five separate elements you can place in order you like. You can mix and match them, apply the together or separate. 

This set is a continuation of our hit collection LIFE (Life in the city, by the sea, in the sky), although in this set we changed colors slightly, adding a shade of mustard, and giving up green shades. This way the houses are perfect for both girls and boys. 

Houses are available in two sizes:

  • size S: 126 cm x 70 cm cm, is the ideal size above the cradle.
  • size L: 180 cm x 100 cm which should be applied above the full-sized bed

Please remember that the sticker can be applied just above the floor line.  For example i the corner where we have a matte and toys, a fun corner in the room. Placing our wallsticker will prevent the walls from getting any dirt or scratch. 

The picture shows a S size in the picture. The project is an original drawing by Kasia Bachor from Dekornik.

For more technical details please see below:


It was created from the demand from parent. We received hundrends of e-mails asking what to do with wall which are constantly being touched or kicked by children. We had no choice but to invent a wallsticker that would solve the problem of the irritating dirty walls.

We produce behind-the-bed wallsticker in two steps:

  1. We print the pattern on the self-adhesive material.
  2. We cover the print with a special transparent fill that allows cleaning them with a wet cloth.

It means that everytime your child kicks the wallsticker or live a chocolate spot on it, you may clean the material easily and fast. 

Isn’t that a perfect invention?




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