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    A set of stripes that we like to call biscuits is a great way to decorate walls in not entirely obvious areas. The center of the wall is usually decorated whether with a sticker or wallpaper or some other decorative elements that are the main decoration of the room. This is not the case with these Circles. What if there are shelves, pictures, posters on the wall and we don’t really want to change the atmosphere of the room? We and our ‘biscuits’ can help you out.

    Semicircles with a diameter of approx. 9 cm that are connected in stripes so that the assembly is extremely easy. Not too long and not too short as the ‘buiscuits’ are they are about 55 cm wide so that one person can easily stick them evenly, strip by strip. There are 14 stripes in the template which gives us over 7 running meters after sticking. This is just enough to decorate a wall in a medium-sized children’s room.

    Our tip: these biscuit circles look great in rooms with slants and as a finishing to the panneling.

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    This is our first collection with Magda Kowalewska, or AmeRiya.

    Two animals, a fox and a bear, with a common motto – YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND – want to become friends with all the little ones. Based on our experience from previous editions of our animal stickers we already know that children will love them. They will say them Good Morning and Good Night, tell them how the day in kindergarten went or teach them where they have their nose and eyes and what sounds they can make.
    Altough we call our pets names like Mr Fox we know they always get new names from their new little friends at homes.
    Wonderful pictures with a fox come from happy toddlers who already have their red friends with them. Check out the profiles: @bambuszki_ and @oliinel


    The whole template is about 70 cm x 75 cm.

    Individual elements and forms have dimensions:

    • Mr. Fox: 66 cm x 35 cm
    • full moon: 34 cm x 34 cm
    • streaks of stars: 10 cm – 12 cm
    • single stars (5 pieces): around 4,5 cm

    The stickers do not have a light outline so all elements can be glued on the walls in any color!

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    Confetti is a “sticker” combination of our favourite colours. This is an incredibly simple trick to bring fun and joy to the child’s room.

    The story behind the Confetti set is amusing!
    When we created the six sets of colours we couldn’t decide which ones to include in Dekornik’s offer. So we asked our customers on Facebook to decide for us. And in this democrating voting, all of the six sets were equally voted on!

    • dimension of templates: 30 cm each
    • number of elements of all templates together: 72 pieces (18 on the template)
    • height of 1 dot: 5 cm.

    The colours of the dots: navy blue, mustard, turquoise (blue with a touch of green) and light gray.

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    We’ve had this CIRCLES collection on our minds for a long time. Still, there is no easy way to create just 12 pieces when you have a library of patterns like we do. But we made it and the effect will hopefully satisfy anyone! There are some sweet and floral patterns for girls and some planes and dinos for boys.


    CIRCLES are in two sizes:

    • size M: 150 cm x 150 cm – perfect above a cradle or small furniture
    • size L: 200 cm x 200 cm – lovely over a full size bed or a set of furnitures like a cradle and drawers that stand next to each other.


    • Small size of the CIRCLE wall sticker (150 cm x 150 cm) is a good solution if you have a small bed next to a closet that covers a big part of the wall. Then this smaller size will fit perfectly as the bigger would be simply to wide and some parts would get covered by the closet.
    • Big size of the CIRCLE wall sticker (200 cm x 200 cm) is a perfect adjustment when you have a room with furnitures that are placed on the opposite walls, e.g. a bed is on the right side of the room and the closet on the left size. Then the wall in front is a space where the big wall sticker will do a perfect job! Size M would be simply too small but the big one (L) will do some magic in the room and will add some amazing character to it so that you know you are in the room of a little princes, a dino fan or a future Jacques Cousteau).

    This is the collection made especially for those who think that a wallpaper is too big of a statement in the room. If your wall is 300 cm wide and you don’t want the whole surface to be too colorful – well, this is a solution for you.
    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask us: [email protected]

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    Savanna Adventure Collection is a gang of animals from a fairytale: a giraffe, a lemur, daddy lion with his son, an elephant, a toucan and even a pink flamingo. Wonderful creatures painted by Kasia Goraj-Stróżyńska will be a perfect deco adjustment to any children’s room. They stimulate imagination, complete the interior, and you can tell stories about them… forever and ever.

    Toucan (in size 40 cm x 47 cm) is a perfect proposition when you want just a slight change in the room. It fits best above a bookshelf, the window or in the corner of a small desk. This lovely bird is a friend of every adventurer and explorer!

    The leaves on this template are only a background. Only the animal is a wallsticker that is cut and prepared for application.

    Our animals are in delicate pastel shades not without a reason as this way they will match all interior styles. We also made them more realistic and we wanted them to be just like those from botanical albums’ pages. That way they will also be welcomed in the rooms of children of 5-6 year-olds and not only in lovely nurseries. We believe that they will help to develop curiosity about the magical world of nature and… the love for animals – a thing that is dear to our hearts.

    Have a great fun and… learning!

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    Industrial evolution is our tribute to human achievements. We believe in people (especially the very young ones), we believe in our skills, wisdom and heart. This collection shows how much we have accomplished, that we’ve come a long way but we still have a lot to do. That is why you will find here stickers in the shape of the first planes and cars, a revolutionary invention of the steam train, factories and mills. But also a turn to the future: rockets, a futuristic green city, windmills and cars that will not pollute the air anymore.

    Technology is there to serve us, that’s why it was invented. We know that there is a bright horizon ahead of us, and that among our little history fans there are those who will change the course of the future for even more beautiful! Support your little geniuses!

    Measurements of some elements / stencil 95 cm x 85 cm :

    • orange car from the 20’s: 47 cm x 30 cm
    • violet car from the 60’s: 46 cm x 25 cm
    • futuristic white car: 50 cm x 20 cm


    1. First cars were invented at the end of XIX century and worked on steampower! In 1887 Carl Benz developed a petrol or gasoline-powered automobile and in the first years of XX century they we highly popularized by Henry Ford with his mass produced Model T car.

    2. Do you know that Beetles we designed in 1930’s? They have 90 years of history and we used by more than 20 million people!

    3. Cadillac is king! – this slogan would be perfect for post-war times in America. Elvis Presley, pink Cadillac and the one that was called Eldorado. Cadillacs were big, angular and very uneconomical. Huge gasoline consumption was the reason why they became less and less popular.

    4. Eighties were the years that cars became a “part of every family”. The blue one that you on our stencil was sold in amount of… 2,5 million pieces! Now cars were for everybody so such qualities as durability, reliability and safety were highly valued. It was also in the 1980s that the four-wheel drive was invented! 

    5. Speed, speed, speed! The fastest car can drive almost 500 km/h and for a long time this title (the fastest car ever) belonged to Bugatti. But who doesn’t know that the fastest cars are… the red ones!

    6. Future of cars. Electric, hydrogen, 0 emission, autonomic, flying? In 2003 Tesla was a game-changer. But we are still waiting for a big break…



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