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Our basic sticker sets allows you to decorate the entire wall or even the entire room. We have combined the most beautiful sets of colors with the easiest way of applying the stickers so that parents themselves can create a fairy tale in the room of their little one without any professional help. And we like fairy tales…
Delicate, small stickers are super trendy and they are a great way to beautifully decorate the interior at a small cost.
Stickers are most often made of single-color cut-out films. Each color is then on a different sheet and the colors and shapes can be matched right on the wall. The glue on the stickers allows in 95 % of cases to fix mistakes when you need to reposition a dot, the heart or a star. You can just gently peel them off the wall and reposition as you like.


  • Dimension of the templates: approx. 30 cm each
  • Total number of all stickers together: 120 pieces (20 per template)
  • Dimensions of the stars: 8 cm, 6 cm, 4.5 cm, 3 cm

The colours of the stars: black and light gray (4 templates of light gray stars and 2 of black stars)

Basic sets’ stickers are cut from foil with a strong adhesive, but in most cases it is possible to tear the sticker off again. Patterns are cut out of thin foil, so the wall structure is visible after the material is attached. Stickers gently protect the wall from mechanical damage and are washable, just wipe them with a damp cloth.
Our stickers are cut from good foil, imported by us from Belgium. It is the best material available in Poland, used by us for seven years.

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Wallstickers have been a hit for quite some time now! We have been designing wall stickers for over 10 years, but for 2-3 years they have been experiencing a real renaissance. It is a perfect alternative for those for whom the wallpaper is simply too big for a baby's room. You can decorate a room with a wall sticker in few minutes, and the effect will last for years! A girl's room can be decorated with beautiful magnolias, peonies, a rainbow sticker or a unicorn print. Perfect choices for a boys' room are planes, boats, maps and animals. Check out our new wall stickers or bestsellers and you will definitely find something for your children's room! And let Us mention that our new product – Big Circles – will conquer you hearts in a… heartbeat.





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