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Savanna World In A Circle

Savanna World In A Circle – We’ve had this CIRCLES collection on our minds for a long time. Still, there is no easy way to create just 12 pieces when you have a library of patterns like we do. But we made it and the effect will hopefully satisfy anyone! There are some sweet and floral patterns for girls and some planes and dinos for boys.

Savanna World In A Circle technically description:

CIRCLES are in two sizes:

  • size M: 150 cm x 150 cm – perfect above a cradle or small furniture
  • size L: 200 cm x 200 cm – lovely over a full size bed or a set of furnitures like a cradle and drawers that stand next to each other.


  • Small size of the CIRCLE wall sticker (150 cm x 150 cm) is a good solution if you have a small bed next to a closet that covers a big part of the wall. Then this smaller size will fit perfectly as the bigger would be simply to wide and some parts would get covered by the closet.
  • Big size of the CIRCLE wall sticker (200 cm x 200 cm) is a perfect adjustment when you have a room with furnitures that are placed on the opposite walls, e.g. a bed is on the right side of the room and the closet on the left size. Then the wall in front is a space where the big wall sticker will do a perfect job! Size M would be simply too small but the big one (L) will do some magic in the room and will add some amazing character to it so that you know you are in the room of a little princes, a dino fan or a future Jacques Cousteau).

This is the collection made especially for those who think that a wallpaper is too big of a statement in the room. If your wall is 300 cm wide and you don’t want the whole surface to be too colorful – well, this is a solution for you.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask us: [email protected]

CIRCLES are stickers for special tasks: not only are they self-adhesive – you do not need any glue, they are also laminated, which means that they can be gently washed with a damp cloth. That is why they are not afraid of sticking in places where the toddler often touches the wall with his hands – above the bed, desk, by the wardrobe. For more technical information: CLICK HERE

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Wallstickers have been a hit for quite some time now! We have been designing wall stickers for over 10 years, but for 2-3 years they have been experiencing a real renaissance. It is a perfect alternative for those for whom the wallpaper is simply too big for a baby's room. You can decorate a room with a wall sticker in few minutes, and the effect will last for years! A girl's room can be decorated with beautiful magnolias, peonies, a rainbow sticker or a unicorn print. Perfect choices for a boys' room are planes, boats, maps and animals. Check out our new wall stickers or bestsellers and you will definitely find something for your children's room! And let Us mention that our new product – Big Circles – will conquer you hearts in a… heartbeat.





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