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Mini shelves that fit everywhere: near beds, desks or even in the hallway.
The shelves are approximately 32 cm wide (each pattern has a slightly different size), so they will not take up much space, and will help you organise everyday stuff and decorate the room.

The mini shelf has both a horizontal shelf and three pegs on which you can hang e.g. a bag with slippers or little princess jewellery.
The horizontal shelf is 6 cm deep, so it’s great for a mini exhibition or a useful shelf for details.

The colourful front (in this case sleepy rabbit) is simply a sticker placed on the surface of the plywood.


  • Shelf size: 32 cm x 23 cm
  • The plywood is 1 cm thick. It’s bright, without knots. It weighs approx. 1 kg.
  • It is mounted on screws, which are placed in the openings then covered by horizontal shelves. The screws are invisible after screwing the entire shelf.
  • Length of hanging pegs: 4 cm
  • Horizontal shelf depth: 6 cm

What is important: assembly of the entire shelf does NOT require any additional devices: no screwdrivers, hammers are needed here.  All you can do it’s simply to fit all the pieces together and then slide in the shelf. If, however, you want the structure to be super-solid, you can apply assembly points (cut out in plywood) with delicate furniture glue.

What will you find in a package?

  • self-assembly plywood shelf with a sticker on the front
  • horizontal shelf, which you only need to insert into the cut out horizontal holes – lines
  • 3  hanging pegs to be positioned in the cut out holes
  • two pins for mounting the shelf
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Weight 2 kg





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Plywood furniture was designed by us for the first time a few years ago. In addition to our artistic passion, we also have an engineering flair, which is why we liked this project very much. Cute plywood minishelves as a perfect nursery decoration, a dollhouse and a theater toy are our hits! Recently, we have also introduced plywood mirrors, both for girls 'and boys' rooms. FAQ plywood decoration for kid's room





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