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We have been dreaming about this basket-toolbox for a long time. A few decades ago some crafty carpenters created similar newspaper holders or umbrella baskets. We found this to be a great item for moms. A solid basket that can hold the most important utensils for a baby or toys and books for an older sibling. It is a perfect piece of furniture to place it next to an armchair while breastfeeding or by your bed or as a play table for children aged 3-5.

This basket is an assistant for a mum when she needs to pack and move the baby’s most important items to another place in the apartment, be it nappies or toys. No more carrying unaesthetic bags back and forth, you finally get a basket that is both useful and pleasing to the eye. You can keep it next to your airmchair or your table so that there is no need to tuck even more items and clutter the space.

Our organizer, as it name speaks for itself, doesn’t make a mess!

Our basket is made of 1 cm thick plywood. The base is wide so the basket does not tip over easily. The bottom of the basket is so tight that the book, a toy or a bottle will not fall out (there is a minimal thin gap between the sides and the bottom of the basket, the width of a pencil). In addition, the furniture can be easily grasped by the handle which can be attached and removed according to the mother’s taste and the use of the furniture.


  • Width: 47 cm
  • Height: 44 cm

The basket-organizer is assembled by sliding the individual elements into each other which are exactly… 4! Then, just add the handle to hold the basket and it’s ready! We add a set of stickers to the basket that can be used to decorate the sides and fronts of the basket.

What will we find in the package?
  • four components for assembling the basket (it;s enough to just “slide them” together)
  • a bar for holding the basket, with safety plugs
  • stickers on the sides and fronts of the furniture
Price for all three: 252.90 Save 28.10
Weight 5 kg





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Plywood furniture was designed by us for the first time a few years ago. In addition to our artistic passion, we also have an engineering flair, which is why we liked this project very much. Cute plywood minishelves as a perfect nursery decoration, a dollhouse and a theater toy are our hits! Recently, we have also introduced plywood mirrors, both for girls 'and boys' rooms. FAQ plywood decoration for kid's room





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