It all began in Paris

Brief History of Dekornik

The history of companies usually starts  from one person.

And so it was also in the case of Dekornik. Kasia “Bachor”, a graphic by profession and vocation, in 2009 lands with her boyfriend Maciek, at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Their romantic escapade becomes the beginning of a business idea. Kasia is fascinated with the high number of wonderful decorations in tiny boutiques of Montmartre. After arriving in Poland she decides to create a brand that will implement this charming French design to Polish apartments.

This is how – on the 1st  of December 2009, Dekornik was born. From that moment Kasia designs all the patterns, while Maciek watches over the production site.

Dekornik gains recognition on the Polish market, and the projects starts to appear in prestigious periodicals.

After five years, Paulina “Młoda” joins the Dekornik’s team, and revolutionizes the way the company operates. Together with Kasia they decide to do only what brings them the most fun, that is … decorating children’s rooms. From 2014, Dekornik shifts towards children’s rooms and designs only stickers and wallpapers for the youngest. The girls also decide to cooperate with other graphic designers whose work they value, and whose personalities they adore: Kasia Goraj Stróżyńska, Magda Nowakowska, Ewa Najwojczyk.

Currently, they work on the line Warsaw-Palermo, although the companys headquarter is still located in a charming and green corner in the center of Warsaw. Kasia is the creative force of Dekornik, while Paulina is the master of marketing.

Dekornik is the most recognizable brand of Polish wallpapers and stickers. It is also present at various European markets.

Meet our Illustrators

Kasia Bachor

Founder of Dekornik and a graphic designer for 15 years. She worked for companies such as Bell Cosmetics, H & M, Reserved, Costa Coffee and decorated Polish offices for Accenture, Samsung, Skanska. However, what brings the most joy is designing for children and that is what she wants to focuses on. She use to design only on her computer but six months ago she discovered passion for watercolors. Currently she lives in Sicily, from where she serially sends new fairytale patterns to Dekornik.

Kasia Goraj Stróżyńska

Katarzyna is a Polish illustrator living with her family in the UK. Although she is an art historian by profession, she has been painting since she remembers, mainly for her mother, who is herself a graphic designer and who instilled in her love for art. She is inspired by the surrounding nature, the palette of colours, light and naturalness she tries to give back using watercolour in her works. In its style, she refers to traditional graphics and painting techniques, harmoniously combining them with the use of digital
graphics tools. Her illustrations are shown on a wide range of products such as ceramics, posters, fabrics, wallpaper, packaging and stationery.

Ewa Nowojczyk

A graphic, illustrator, resident of Warsaw. Together with her husband, they have been designing games for years. In January 2017 she bought a pack of watercolors for sheer fun. Now she can not imagine to create in any other way. She loves the classics of English literature for children, which translates into the subject of her illustration. Nature and science enthusiast.

Magda Kowalewska

Graphic designer by profession. As far as she remember she was always drawn to everything design and hand-made related. She paints oil and watercolor works ans creates her own jewellery. For many years she’s been searching her place in the art world and now – thanks to her lovely daughter Amelia – she has found one in watercolour illustration for children.

Contact us

Kasia Bachor

creative director


First graphic designer responsible for Dekornik’s artistic content. Founder.


Sales Director


In charge of wholesale and foreign markets. Partner and marketing genius.


Social media specialist


Contact for all Facebook or Instagram collaborations. Responsible for our social channels.


Customer Service Chef


First contact for clients. Answears all questions about products and purchases.