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Industrial evolution is our tribute to human achievements. We believe in people (especially the very young ones), we believe in our skills, wisdom and heart. This collection shows how much we have accomplished, that we’ve come a long way but we still have a lot to do. That is why you will find here stickers in the shape of the first planes and cars, a revolutionary invention of the steam train, factories and mills. But also a turn to the future: rockets, a futuristic green city, windmills and cars that will not pollute the air anymore.

Technology is there to serve us, that’s why it was invented. We know that there is a bright horizon ahead of us, and that among our little history fans there are those who will change the course of the future for even more beautiful! Support your little geniuses!

Measurements of elements / stencil S (95 cm x 65 cm):

  • Magellan’s ship: 32 cm x 25 cm
  • Queen Mary: 45 cm x 32 cm
  • submarine: 33 cm x 17 cm

Measurements of elements / stencil L (137 cm x 95 cm):

  • Magellan’s ship: 47 cm x 36 cm
  • Queen Mary: 64 cm x 46 cm
  • submarine: 47 cm x 25 cm


1. Trireme – the greatest achievement in ancient world, used mostly by ancient Greeks in a fight. Required 170 rowers!

2. Ferdinand Magellan’s ship – Victoria, the first one to circumnavigate the world in 1519. Only 18 men came back safely.

3. American Steamboat – Mississippi Queen, Delta Queen, Savannah and others. Invented in XVIII century and popular also in the XIX and XX! Cruising on the long rivers of America, carrying cotton, sugar and serving as a hotel

4. Queen Mary – steamboat of XX century (1934) that connected England and America, serving for 31 years and traveled with 2 million passengers throughout the years

5. Submarine – Invented much earlier but used mostly during WWI. First submarines were using hand-power, only at the end of XIX a combustion-power submarine was made.

6. Battleships, destroyers and aircraft carriers – most common in XX century. The biggest aircraft carrier is american Gerard R. Ford that can carry over 75 aircrafts and over 4500 people – practically an island 🙂

The material has a strong acrylic-based adhesive and the so-called block-out function, which means that no color element on the wall shows through the sticker.

The sticker has a delicate structure, barely perceptible (like the material), but it is this material that provides a strong and wonderful color reproduction, which is perfect for e.g. pets. They just look alive!

Our material is exceptionally easy to glue, has strong glue, but not as strong as all advertising films, for example, that catch from the first second.

The delicate structure on the surface of the sticker makes it possible to scratch it. However, it is not easy.

Stickers also do not have the so-called transport foil, additional, which so far was necessary in the production of all stickers. The simplicity with which stickers are affixed to our material allows you to avoid this additional and often redundant point of the program.

Note, before sticking the sticker – any wall material – please prepare the wall thoroughly and commercial lean the surface of dust or grease. Stickers can be glued on the walls only after approx. 20 days from the last painting. For more technical information: CLICK HERE

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