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If you would like to order our paints, but want to check the colours first this sampler will definitly help you decide.

10 our colours that fit more than 100 our wallpapers.

We’ve dreamed about our paints for about two years. But not just any paints: safe paints with classic formula. Old school. Acrylic. Simple. Easy to paint. With no strong, terrible smell.  Just like the one we remember it from  our childhood.
Our paints are water based and has almost no volatile organic compound. They are created in Czech Republic especially for Dekornik, with the most care to comply with EU quality and safety standards.

Density: 1.4-1.65 g / cm³,

Permissible VOC value: cat: A (1) FW: 30g / l,

Maximum VOC value (g / l) in the ready to use product 2 g / l

Please also do not brighten our paints with an admixture of those of another manufacturer. If the shade is too dark, we have packages of white paint prepared.

NOTE: our paints have packages in kilograms. Before applying the paint, it should be diluted (as in the good old days) in the scale of 100 ml of water per 1 kg of paint (i.e. less than half a glass for one package) and mixed thoroughly.


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