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Dekornik Cherry Poster

The Cherry poster is a charming illustration that brings a touch of delicacy and grace to a child’s room. Set against a soft salmon-pink background is a single cherry blossom branch, serving as the focal point of this simple yet delightful artwork.

The cherry blossom branch is hand-drawn, exuding the charm of childlike artistry. Its lines are gentle, and the cherry blossoms are composed of individual dots, lending the poster an air of lightness. The illustration is minimalist, yet full of charm, making it a perfect addition to a cozy corner in a child’s room.

The cherry blossoms are in shades of pink, providing a subtle burst of color to the poster. Each flower has its own unique character, adding individuality to the illustration. The simplicity of the drawing allows each detail to be easily recognizable, making it an excellent choice for a child’s living space.

At the bottom of the drawing, beneath the cherry blossom branch, there is an elegant inscription Cherry written in a simple, friendly font. This subtle signature adds a touch of sophistication to the poster while emphasizing its gentle character.

The overall cherry poster radiates simplicity, coziness, and sweet aesthetics, creating the perfect decorative element for a child’s room.

Dekornik Cherry Poster

Dimensions 30 × 40 cm

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Poster for Child's Room by Dekornik - Beautiful and Simple Addition to Wonderland Space for Your Child.





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