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Beautiful wallpapers for a girl’s room

Are you decorating your child’s room and want it to be fabulous and inspiring?

Beautiful wallpapers for a girl’s room will help you in this difficult task. Especially for you, we have collected the most beautiful room decorations and photos into one article. Thanks to this, you will find a mass of inspiration to help you choose the perfect wallpaper for a girl’s room.

wallpaper floral, wallpaper for kids, wallpaper for children, wallpaper flowers, tapeta kwiaty, tapeta kwiatowa, tapeta dla dzieci

Our suggestions to get you started: Dekornik Floral Vintage Children’s Room Wallpaper

When choosing wallpaper for a child’s room, there are several things to consider:

  • His age
  • Interests
  • The style and colour scheme in the room

In this article we will give you inspiring wallpaper ideas for a girl. Among our ideas you will find: wallpaper stimulating imagination, wallpaper with animals, wallpaper with dots, wallpaper with flowers, wallpaper with butterflies, as well as other children’s colourful wallpaper and forest patterns.

Wallpaper Autumn Meadow for girls room

Dekornik Autumn Meadow wallpaper is the best choice for a toddler’s and girl’s room

What wallpaper do parents most often choose for a little girl’s room?

What wallpapers for a baby girl’s room are the most popular? The answer is … wallpaper in flowers, which, according to us, is a timeless pattern. They allow you to create both a romantic room for a girl and a cozy bedroom for parents.

Just look at this beautiful styling of the room of a little princess, pastel colours wonderfully harmonize with white furniture, and this floral wallpaper for children adds a fabulous character to the whole room.

Paradise Garden Pastel Twigs Wallpaper for kids, wallpaper floral, wallpaper for kids, wallpaper for children, wallpaper flowers, tapeta kwiaty, tapeta kwiatowa, tapeta dla dzieci

Colourful Wallpaper: Garden of Eden – fairy tale design. Dekornik wallpaper for kids

Or maybe you’re looking for something more universal, something that will fit regardless of gender? In our collection you will find beautiful children’s wallpaper for boys and girls, such as this beautiful striped wallpaper.

Look how you can create a beautiful styling for a girl with the right wallpaper – we are simply in love with these vintage stylings, for example: SIMPLE Rustic Beige White Wallpaper

Wallpaper for a girl’s room – what colours fit?

Do you know what colours fit for a girl’s room? We recommend subdued pastels, such as powder pink or soft blue, which introduce a subtle atmosphere and, unlike vivid colours, do not stimulate the occupant!

It is important, when choosing wallpaper for a child, to check what effect its placement will have on his mood. Some colours can stimulate: such as: orange, red, and others bring joy like yellow or green.

Golden rule you must know when choosing wallpaper for a girl’s room

As for the selection of colours for a child’s room, as well as an adult’s, there is one certain golden rule. It says that no more than three colours should be combined in one space. This will give a stylish effect without unnecessary mottling. Although there are exceptions to this rule, combining more colours requires experience and a great sense of taste from the decorator. It is easy to cross this fine line….

Pastels In Bloom floral Wallpaper for kids,wallpaper floral, wallpaper for kids, wallpaper for children, wallpaper flowers, tapeta kwiaty, tapeta kwiatowa, tapeta dla dzieci

This wallpaper for children should appeal to you

Personalizing a child’s room – take care of creative details!

In Dekornik you will meet unusual arrangements of children’s rooms. And a well-prepared room for a girl is one that reflects the character and interests of its inhabitant. How to personalize a child’s room?

We have some ideas and tips: You can add creative details, such as wall stickers with favourite animals or posters with the child’s name. Personalization will make the room really special.

Wallpaper for a girl’s room in dots

Wallpaper with dots is one of the most classic and timeless designs, which perfectly suits a girl’s room. These delicate patterns add lightness and subtlety to the interior…

Wallpaper in dots, both larger and smaller, will delight your little girl and her guests, and most importantly, it will be a wonderful background for play.

Dot wallpaper is versatile and timeless, beautifully enriching the interior, in our collection of children’s wallpaper various colours of this pattern. With their help you will create a magical and inspiring place that will grow with your child.

Simple Irregular Dots powder pink,wallpaper floral, wallpaper for kids, wallpaper for children, wallpaper flowers, tapeta kwiaty, tapeta kwiatowa, tapeta dla dzieci

Children’s polka dot wallpaper

Wallpaper with animals: Spark her curiosity about the world!

Children’s wallpaper for a girl who loves animals or is empathetic?

We personally recommend beautiful children’s wallpaper with animals, forest patterns, which wonderfully blend with natural materials and furniture….

Savanna Wallpaper for kids room

Children’s wallpaper with animals

And What children’s wallpaper for a girl who loves wild animals and is curious about the world? It’s easy – our bestseller: beautiful wallpaper with animals Savanna.

Although in our rich collection you will also find other interesting wallpapers with animals, such as: wallpaper with birds, wallpaper with sarnies, teddy bears, and even beloved by most girls – horses!

Children’s wallpaper with birds

 Wallpaper for girls: wallpaper with animals, with birds, forest patterns: it’s almost guaranteed singing humor every day.

Birds Wallpaper for girls

Birds Wallpaper for girls room

If you dream of a fairy-tale metamorphosis of your child’s room, be sure to check out our range of wallpapers with birds.

Little chirping friends are an increasingly common motif that brings a lot of joy and life to a room! They go beautifully with white and pine furniture.

Magic Swans Wallpaper for kids room

Wallpapers with birds are ideal for decorating children’s rooms.

Wallpapers in pastel colors with butterflies

Wallpapers for children’s rooms with butterflies, which symbolize beauty and transformation – are perfect for romantic styling in a girl’s room. It is a fairy-tale design, with which it will bring lightness and an atmosphere of mystery.

Butterflies Having Fun wallpaper for girls

Wallpapers with butterflies

If you want to maintain this atmosphere, remember that wallpaper for a child – well-chosen is half the battle. The final effect of the arrangement is also influenced by other decorations like matching pillows, curtains, bedding, shelves.

The key in arranging a girl’s room is to balance colours and elements so that the space exudes joy, but at the same time provides a calm and inspiring place to study or play.

Quick metamorphosis of a child’s room

Decorator’s wallpaper for kids will help take care of the unique character of your child’s room, but if you don’t feel like buying wallpaper and laying it, you can decorate your child’s room in a simpler way.

Wallstickers for kids

Take advantage of this set of thematic sticker elements, for example: cute bunnies or forest animals.

About Dekornik – wallpapers created to stimulate children’s imagination

Look no further for the perfect wallpaper for your daughter’s room. Choose Dekornik children’s wallpapers, which are distinguished by super quality and excellent style, we are recommended by the best architects!

Wallpaper for kids Botanical Stories, wallpaper floral, wallpaper for kids, wallpaper for children, wallpaper flowers, tapeta kwiaty, tapeta kwiatowa, tapeta dla dzieci

Dekornik is a high-quality wallpaper ideal for a child’s room. Rich choice: wallpaper in muted colours, wallpaper in dots, stripes, animals, flowers, butterflies. With us you will find everything you need to create a creative room for your child!

Dekornik is wallpaper store for children’s room different from all. We are distinguished by high quality, original and unique designs and easy installation on the wall. All thanks to the fact that our wallpapers are sold in strips, so there is no need for exact measurements, such to the millimetre. If you do not know how to order Dekornik wallpaper – write to [email protected] and we will help you in arranging a child’s room.

In our store you will find a mass of inspiring and fabulous designs that will help create a unique atmosphere in the room!

Choose wallpapers for children by Dekornik and enjoy a beautiful and unique arrangement of a girl’s room! And then brag about the photos of the room on Instagram and do not forget to tag @dekornik on Instagram!


Choose Dekornik children’s wallpaper and enjoy the unique design and delight of your child!

After reading this article you already know how to order Dekornik wallpapers!

We offer unlimited possibilities for creative interior design. In our rich collection of children’s wallpapers you will find a variety of motifs, patterns and colours that will suit your daughter’s room. Check out our offer and turn your child’s room into a fairy tale.

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