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    Lucy is a favourite wallsticker of Maciek, our Head of Production. Every time we prepare to send the wallsticker to a customer, we get from Maciek another: ,,Oooh, my lovely Lucy again!’ Well, that’s what we call true love.

    Kids love our deer as well. Just like their mums. It was they who chose the name for this little deer in a survey on our Facebook page. We also wrote a poem in Polish about Lucy. She was so afraid to walk into the forest. But one time, she happily met many friends from forrest who encouraged her to come to live with them and from that moment, she was never afraid of the forest. Lucy would be a great companion to anyone!

    Wall stickers are the easiest and the handiest way of decorating walls.


    • height: 78 cm
    • width: 50 cm
  • 40.50

    Welcome to the world of Harry Rabbit! Harry got his name in a survey we conducted on our Facebook profile. He got the most ‘likes’ and we liked this dignified name very much, too!

    Harry has been our bestseller ever since. We send it to our little friends every day. We like this rabbit very much. And we know that it’s not just us.

    Animal wallstickers are the easiest and most convenient way to decorate your walls. Small size stickers are perfect for a subtle room decoration while the larger ones (min. 150 cm wide) can change the whole place! Thanks to its awesome character, they are often the main decoration of the room.


    Our Harry is available in a universal size: 50 cm x 103 cm

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