First we want to emphasize that everything is a matter of taste:) You may like white, subtle interiors with light furnitures and gray decorations. Or you might as well enjoy crazy and colourful rooms.

But we chose these 9 rooms to show you that no matter what style you prefere there’s always… room for little magic. In every space, in every time… Just sit and take a look at these fairytale-like, wonderful interiors. Different styles, one perfection!

1. WALLSTICKER MARRY-GO-ROUND (CLICK HERE) in a wonderful room of @hannasanglar. The whole house is simply wonderful, made with courage and fantasy. A superb combination of very colourful interiors (like childrens rooms or a dining room) with ones with classy touch (bathroom and kitchen). You just have to see this!

2. @nasz_swiat_moimi_oczami AND OUR SUPERHIT HAPPY RABBITS (CLICK HERE). How can you NOT be happy in such a room? Fantastic old bed, balloons over your head, stars and our little creature with long ears. And we will just mention that this is not the only product from Dekornik in this lovely room. But you have to see it for yourself.

3. WALLPAPER GIR’S MAGIC WHITE (CLICK HERE) and @twinstyleblog from the Netherlands. Prevoius wallpaper in this room was dark – navy blue and green. With our wallpaper we brought to his space more light. But the magic remains. You have to see this profile, picture are just, well, magical.


4. WALLSTICKER MAGIC SWANS (CLICK HERE) and @umevagen. Nothing to but FAIRYTALE. Just fairytale for a little girl.

5. La dolce vita! OUR WALLSTICKER FRENCH CUPID (CLICK HERE) on @martina_difusco profile. You have to admit that these are the most adorable pictures you’ve seen 🙂 You have to see the whole room as we also have something a little bit more to do with it.

6. WALLSTICKERS SET MEET THEODORE (CLICK HERE)  and @happymama_mkn from Poland. This corner looks like from an old book with tales. Just looking at these picture you could create you own magic story. Wonderful!

7. OUR DEER IN THE CIRCLE (CLICK HERE) and @yaalionka. The whole house is beige and white. So cosy, so beautiful. And in these room, look at the lights. All of this is so natural and comfy.

8. WALLSTCIKERS MAGIC SWANS (CLICK HERE) in the room of @minimemarla. Ok, here we have to admit that this not entirely our contribution. the wallpaper does the job. But we have added our little piece and it looks wonderful.

9. WALLPAPER AUTUMN MEADOW (CLICK HERE) and a secret garden of @dagmarakoszyk. We remember this room without our wallpaper. Slightly different character. Still magical but those flower it simply looks like a secret garden, you have to admit. You can get wonderfully lost in this pattern.

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