3 lovely little (and not expensive) things that will change your baby’s room completely!

We do realize that… not everyone likes wallpapers. And we also realize that not everyone can afford a new wallpaper. It is simply a big and quite expensive change.

But let us show you today a true magic for pennies. These are our small products that we simply LOVE. And we promise you will LOVE them too. Not because they are our perfect wallstickers that we advertise but because of the change they bring. Little pieces that can change the mood of the room.

We created a game: we took real pictures of our clients rooms. Then we cleared the walls from our wall stickers and created some collages of BEFORE AND AFTER (first WITHOUT and then WITH the wallstickers). This way you will notice the difference on the wall and in the space.

So now just sit back, relax and let us demonstrate the colossal effect of our little wall sticker wonders.

1. CIRCLES WALLSTICKERS (CLICK HERE) that we also call… cookies! Lovely, adorable and sweet adjustment to the room. Kids love them and mums adore them for the simplicity of application.

2. CONFETTI WALLSTICKERS (CLICK HERE) Many lovely dots in 3 or 4 colours depending on set. If you apply them in the right proportion and combination you can even make an impression of a wallpaper.

3. GOLDEN STARS WALLSTICKERS (CLICK HERE). Best selling wall stickers (not kidding). We sell tons of them and no wonder if you look at the pictures below. It’s really the simplest way to decorate a room. Beautiful effect guaranteed!

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